Should I flush this lovely lady!?

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  1. my outdoor grow dutch treatX hash plant female has been in flower for about three weeks. my last feeding about 2 weeks ago was a mix of general organic bloom and general organic grow. A few days after my lady showed some nute burn I think? I also do not keep track of my PH. my Question is should I flush her? as you can see in the picture there is some burnt tips as well as some purpling going on. Is this a phosphorus deficiency? or a normal part of flowering? I am worried if i flush her the purpling might get worse. any help would be appreciated!

    pro mix hp
    general organic line
    dutch treatxhash plant
    PH unknown

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  2. anyone?
  3. stick with what you are doing bro . the purple is not always a problem pluss in that stage it may just be the plant matureing . just water as normal and keepup the nutes and do not let her dry out that may be why she burnt a little . looking good .
  4. start keeping track of the water PH , makes a difference !
  5. Show me a pic of the purple. Is the purple on the main stem? Is it solid pruple or purple streaks going down the stem?
  6. hey 5150. no the purple is not on the main stem, it is on the upper leaves just around the edge, this in addition to purpling on the leaf stems which I assume is normal. here are some pictures. thanks for the help!

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    Purple on the leafs are fine and normal. Are they ANY slight purple streaks running down your main stems? If you worried about the yellow just hit it with some heavy veg nutes. If it goes away then your right. If not then it's just the process.

    I say your plants are fine ans no need to flush at this point. If you start losing lots of leafs fast then I would flush. How many are yellowing everyday right now? And are they the older leafs going first? If you do flush make sure you hit it with veg ferts first. Then go to flower ferts after that.

    Some of my plants have had slight purple on the leaf stems. Also in my case I have only seen purple on the leafs late in fall wheh it gets colder. Is it cold in your area at night? You said you had purple on the leafs right?
  8. nope there is no sign of purpling on the main stem, only where the leafs meets the secondary stems. I doubt the purpling of the leaf is due to the cold. the lows at night time wont get below 12 degrees at the moment. The fan leaves are becoming quite yellow, but I assume this is a normal process for flowering? also the yellowing is spreading, although quite slowly on the upper leaves. On another note, I am not to sure what week I am into flowering.... I Went away for a few weeks and came back to a flowering female.. any clue what week it may be in?

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  9. things have gotten worse in the last few days.... I hope this bump will accumulate some resposnes as I am sure everyone knows the feeling of a sick plant. The overall coloration of the plant has gotten quite pale green/yellow (you can see this with the comparison to my otherwise healthy plant in the last picture)and I am starting to think it may be a N deciciency, however I am not positive as this is my first grow I am also thinking it maybe be salt build up/toxicity. I am stuck between giving it a dose of veg nutes or flushing.. I am going out of town on thursday for 4 days so I would GREATLY appreciate some advice before I leave. I hope these pictures will help

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  10. I am also new. I've read around these forums many times that when a plant flowers, some of the fan leaves will turn yellow, because the plant is sucking energy out of the leaves. I have an auto that is starting to turn yellow though, in very early flowering, and I am kind of along the same lines of worrying as you are.
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    It will yellow sure. But it will not do it from every leaf at the same time.

    Flush will never ever do any harm to your plant. Infact it can do nothing but help it at anytime. As long as you feed after. Potted plants love flushing. It will also let you start over for a fresh start.

    From what you said this is what I would do. It's just me.

    Flush your pot with like 30 gallons of water. Just let 30 gallons or more water run thru your pot. Right after that feed with veg nutes. Let pot go completly dry until it starts to doop. Then feed half dose of flower ferts. See if they vigor comes back. Again this process cannot do any harm. If you have more than one plant. Do one plant at a time.

    Flushing will remove any nute lock out you might have. This will put the plant back in range to start growing again.

    People what to try veg ferts first before flushing. If you have a slight nute lock out you just making it worse. If you going to try things always flush first. This give you a ballpark starting point and makes sure your NEVER make things worse. Thats the key here.

    If when you water your plant and you do not let lots of water run out the bottom of the pot. Then there is a good chance you have a salt buildup and PH changes going on or border line nute lockout. So when you water do you have lots of runoff?

    Your plant does not look to bad. No need to panic yet. But like I said. Flush at anytime when plants has a health question can never hurt.
  12. still uneasy about my plant.. its been about 4-5 weeks in flowering and after my flush and a hit of nitrogen the yellowing has not gotten better... there is still more purpling on the leaves as well. Is this simply a natural progression of its life cycle? or is there another problem? any help would be appreciated!

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  13. Read the Ph of your run off water. It should match what you are putting in. Lemon juice to bring the ph down in your water, and I prefer to use store bought Ph up. 5150 is right on, as long as your container drains well, flushing will do no harm. If drainage is in question, drill some 10mm or larger holes in the bottom of the pot.
  14. i would flush them if nute burn,my plant is cured to the max :p, once i flushed them yellow water came out beneath, it looked like wiss
  15. I see no problems with these plants. Looking beautiful! No crispy burnt leaves, buds forming nicely. Remember we're not aiming for a luscious green forest of leaves, we're really after that tight nug dripping with trichromes.

  16. Good advice. I have a few yellow leaves on my plants and the way I see it, as long as the number of leaves that are yellowing are only like 2-3% of the leaves, then everything's ok! Plus with flowering arriving, I am willing to bet the plants are now starting to really work hard and absorb its needed nutes.
  17. +1
    Yellowing is normal process, so long as it works its way from the bottom up, one or two leaves at a time.
  18. Thanks for the replies, I realize that yellowing is a normal process, the problem is that it is not starting from the bottom and is effecting the entire plant. I believe it may me that my soil is to acidic and may be causing nutrient lockout. I bought ph test strips but the lowest they read is 6.5 which is what my soil is reading. This may be lower than it actually is though. my next feed I going to add baking soda to raise the ph. From the photos how long would you say to harvest? This is my first time growing so I am not to sure!

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  19. this is the answer i have been looking for! very nice 5150 lets hope it works in my situation :hello:
  20. Dont stress it op your plants look great. Try applying some motor oil to your buds to give them that natural glow & taste.

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