Should I flip my seed?

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    Okay, so about 6 days ago, I got some good stuff off my cousin. Its been a few years since I smoked some green, and the stuff my cousin got me was pretty strong. I never been high before (I guess I was inhaling wrong or it was some weak stuff). Anyway for the next 3 hours after I smoked it, I was dazed out of my mind. For the next 3 hours after that I was still fucking out of it. Anyway I smoked the rest of it the day after, but with a rare stroke of genius from me I decided to save a single seed. I read up on how to germinate, which I did by putting it between a layer of paper towls, and tissue paper in between that so the moisture could hold, and having both in a saucer which I put in my closet. After the first day a little white dot showed on the end of the seed, and after the second day the little white root had sprouted, so with little (none actually) patience I put it in a small glass cup with soil I took from my dad's garden (regular stuff, tomatoes, okra, green peppers). I also planted root down with the seed up. Two days later (today) it has broken the soil. The problem is the seed popped the soil (the seed is broken), and I could see the white root sticking into the earth (I poked the soil all over with a pen before planting, and I guess the root moved it a bit so I could see the whole root). So the question is should I gently flipped the seed over, or is that normal?

    PS- I am growing it for right now in my bedroom window with the outer window opened, and I water with tap. So yeah, I am not that obsessed about it. I can always buy some more green off my cousin, and get the seeds from that, but I am also not growing a bloody crop (don't have the luck of living near a forest-actually I live right across a pretty green woody area, but it may be developed in the future-plus a church is right on the other side and there may be some kids playing in that area XD- plus it is probably swampy), so this one seed is pretty important (I just want one plant for my own use). Also I plan on growing inside once it grows over the cup. I also searched google using site: on this forum, but couldn't find this question. Sorry if it's been asked before.

    Edit: Just noticed there was a whole area for growing (not just this one subforum, and the indoor subforum) and that this probably should have went into the Absolute Beginners area. Sorry, and can a mod please move this there.

    Edit again: I am an idiot. I got it all switched up, and wasn't thinking at all. Of course the root is supposed to be placed down and the seed is supposed to be at the top. This post can be deleted and my stupidity forever forgotten. Sorry >_> XD

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