Should I fill the bottom chamber of stemless double perc bong with water

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  1. This is my first time owning a stemless bong and I know it sounds silly but I'm confused if I should fill the bottom chamber up with water or not, and if so how much? this is what it looks like, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  2. Picture? Yes you should put water in the bottom chamber that the slide goes in.

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  3. There's no slide if it's stemless.. But yes you should add water to the bottom chamber as well. The stemless design creates an additional 'natural' perc for extra filtration.

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  4. There's definitely a slide. There just isn't a stem... hence the term "stemless."
  5. Oh yeah, I'm being stupid. Was thinking downstem when I read and said slide.
  6. If there's no water how is the perc suppose to function? Just

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  7. Its a 2 chamber piece and the perc is in the second chamber. So you COULD only put water in the top chamber with the perc and not in the first chamber, it just wouldn't function as well.

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  8. Rocket science.

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