Should I fight the speeding ticket?

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  1. So earlier tonight i got pulled over for speeding. This is the first time i've been pulled over btw, well they asked if they could search my car. Knowing my rights i politely said "No."

    Well then he says that he and his partner smell marijuana and start grilling us about if we smoked and if theres weed in the car. I again politely said we havn't and there isn't. Well he tells us to get out and searches the car and doesn't find anything, he then says he's going to call the dogs and asks to search me, i politely said "no, i choose to excercise my rights", he asks to search my friend and my friend says okay and they didn't find anything.

    Well the officer lowered it to a $45 fine and 1 point on my liscence. How much do you think it will raise my insurance? and i've been reading sites like and am tempted to try it. The kicker is that about 3 weeks earlier the same cops caught me, my friend, and some other kids tresspassing and gave us the full trasspassing citation because someone ran and we wouldn't tell them who it was. So is it even worth it to fight? and if i do is it hopeless because these cops "know" me?

  2. Im pretty sure he can NOT use that against you, its like holding a grudge. Which is a very unproffesional thing to do. But cops are crooked, so i'd say fight it!

  3. So he searched your car even after you refused a search? I would fight it just for that reason.

    Oh, BTW, a little known fact; chances are 1 in 3 that a speeding ticket fought in court will be dismissed.
  4. You should've still said NO when he said that they smelled MJ in the car. Smell is not probable cause to search your vehicle. Take his ass to court for doing you like that.

  5. hey man i got a speeding ticket too. but my dad knew someone and got them to let me do community service and they dropped the ticket. that was my first ticket too, but i didnt get searched or anything. good luck with that man, i dont know if you can do what i did but i figured i should share.
  6. hahaha wow... I hope that cop has bad karma goin' his way.

    Fight it and hope he dont show up in court
  7. i had 1 speeding ticket and got another 2 with in a week of eachother, back when i was 17. So i had to fight the 3rd one or my license would be suspened for a year for 3 pts, so i went to court fully prepared with loads of evidence because its fairly easy to beat a speeding ticket in court. luckily the officer didnt show up and the case was dissmissed and my license wasnt suspended.....too bad i got a DUI 2 months later :p

  8. Fail because weed smell is cause!
  9. $45 and a point on your license? that's it? Hell no I wouldn't fight it. You probably were speeding.
  10. Always fight it, they can't add more charges because you fought it in court.
  11. You don't need to fight it and you shouldn't fight it. All you do is go talk to the prosecutor and they allow you to pay a bigger fine so that there will be no points or records of the ticket. Just go there prepared to pay some money and dress nice.
  12. My dad's fought off 3/4 he's gotten over the course of his life. They have to prove a bunch of shit about the cop that pulled you over, such as his expirience, equipment, and training. It becomes such a pain in the ass for them that they'll probably end up dropping it, and if not theres always the chance that theres some minor flaw that can get you off the hook. He likes to do it because he thinks its fun to do. To each his own...

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