Should I feel obligated to get more weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Ktg!06!, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Today's my birthday and I wanted to get fucked up last night right when It hit Midnight. So I got a fat blunt ... I got it earlier in the week and it was killin me not to smoke it but I was savin it for my b-day. My friend was supposed to smoke with me but she bailed out ... if that's what you wanna call it. Really she just ditched me. I had asked her days in advance if she wanted to hang out and smoke with me and she said that was cool. But when it came time to smoke she said she'd call me back ... and ended up doing something else ... which is cool but she acted all day like she was gonna chill with me and then waited till late as hell to call and say she wasn't. It didn't matter that much though bc I had already left. Even though the person I was chillin with doesn't smoke so I still had to smoke alone. Well I had some weed left and I told her we'd smoke it on monday ... but I'm about to smoke it now ... So my question is should I feel obligated to get more weed for monday or just say fuck her she blew me off and it's my weed anyway ... Man I don't know ... I just want an opinion ... cause I'm about to smoke the rest of my shit now ... Thanks
  2. Fuck her let her buy her own weed if she passed up an opportunity to smoke a fat L

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