Should I feel bad?

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  1. Today at the skate park, some dude was skating at the "bank" (skate ramp) and there's a lil kid that i know got in his way. That dude got really mad because this lil kid keep getting in his way...keep in mind the whole skate park is really packed with lots of kids. So this dude is about my height 5'7 and the lil kid is like 5 ft tall pushes him and the lil kid falls to the ground and starts crying. This shit happened in front of me and i was like wtf bro you can't be doing that shit. He goes, that kid shouldn't be getting in my way all the time. I was like that some bullshit, pick on someone your own size like me. he gets in my face trying to act all hard and he pushes me and i pushed him back. He swung first and i duck back, with quick reaction i lean forward and punched him right on his jaw and he dropped on that first happened so fast and I'm like shit wtf just happened lmao, I left quickly before any adults/rangers/cops came to the scene. I'm 19 and this is my first fight ever lmao
  2. anderson?
  3. nah dude, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

  4. Idk i hardly get pissed off but what i saw was really fucked up

  5. silva? lol
  6. Nah don't feel bad. Good for you, sticking up for the kid. I bet you made his day. The guy sounds like a douchebag, and deserved it.

  7. thanks dude! i didn't even get a chance to say if the kid was alright because i left quickly after the fight and didn't want to get caught up for it lol
  8. ya bro good shit you did the right thing, dont worry abo no punkass bitch trying to call the popo on you he dunno what goody
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    That kid deserved it and you're probably the smaller kids hero for sticking up for him like that. Usually I feel fights are meaningless but you did exactly what was needed. Knocking the bully out and getting the fuck out of there before you got arrested ^..^
  10. Yeah nice work buddy!
  11. Lol you earn swag points!
  12. Sounds alot like the shit people pull off here in northern IL at the parks.
  13. Wait are you a chick!? If so that dude prob feels like a total bitch haha
  14. Wait wait, a guy took a swing at you because you said pick on sum1 ur own size? i dont understand why a guy would swing at a girl over that statement.. please explain
  15. im a guy btw...girl on my avatar is hot af lmao
  16. nice dude! guy needed a good ol fashioned ass kickin...and you were just the guy ta give it to um! maybe he learned something.
  17. Don't feel bad, he wasn't being cool about the other kid, if someone keeps getting in your way, go to a different spot where he won't be able to.
  18. You're a hero bro. Be proud!
  19. You're a hero! I love you! Can you punch me in my face?
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    Anderson, IN? I go there all the time

    Hell yeah OP, you should stood over him and yelled "you just got knocked the fuck out!"

    Btw I'm a bmxer and there is something I like to call park etiquette, and lil kids do get annoying when they don't stop going in front of you but he should never have pushed the kid...

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