should i feel bad?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dank4life, Jan 26, 2010.

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    alright. fuck this thread
  2. wow..... lmao
  3. You sound like a dumbass I right? About the 'chick' part, I mean, we already know you're a dumbass.

    Here comes my first infraction, but yeah.

    Edit: Maybe not a girl. Maybe gay? :confused_2:
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    he may have gotten the phone for only 30 bucks but if he doesnt have insurance and he wants to replace it it might cost $400 if thats the phones price.
    the reason it was only like 30 bucks was prob the renewal of his plan. like you know how you have a free upgrade or discount available ever x amount of years

    so anyways you better hope he has insurance b.c then its only 50 bucks no matter what phone it is. (with verizon at least)
  5. Lol sue you?
    Doubt this.

    I have the same phone with a cracked front as well, inside still works which is the like... main part of the phone anyway?

    If I were you I would tell him to fuck off. Especially after the "I'm gonna tell my mommy" shit.

    I wouldn't of even offered to replace it, I would of said "Sorry man" And went on with my business.

    It's not really a big deal. You should tell your friend to smoke more :smoking:

  6. This results in a bitch slap, followed by the rhetorical question: 'What?!'

  7. Lol... it's a lame ass phone anyway.
    The front really has no purpose. The screen is smaller than an inch.
  8. listen, not to jack your thread, bro, but let me tell you a story.

    one time in chemistry class we had some water boiling in a beaker on a hotplate. our group was me and 3 other girls around like a circular science table thingy.

    so, the chord to the hotplate was nearest to me and i was horseplaying, fuckin around, and i accidently pulled on the cord in a way that caused the beaker on the hotplate to fall off into one of my labmates lap.

    she screamed and cried and of course she went to the hospital and was ok but had some minor burns in her..crotch area.

    but anyway, the point is.. i didnt feel bad, so neither should you, bro.
  9. I wouldnt feel bad, he started it :] just getting your kick's, its his fault.
    imma tell my mom?!~ okay sounds like he can't deal with the problem himself.
    it was really mature of you to come out and tell him you'd pay him back,he sounds like a lil bitch.
  10. That's fucking retarded, first of all he shouldn't be hitting girls especially since you were just fooling around with him and second of all tell him to stop being a whiny pussy bitch and get a new damn phone, and accept your money. I'm pretty sure if he sued you the judge would laugh and throw out the case, so don't even worry about that

    Keep in mind though that for him to get a new phone may be more than just 30 dollars because chances are he got it with an upgrade for that price.
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  12. Well he kinda did deserve it, seems to me like he was a dickhead about it. Just give him 40 and a light up and see if its okay. If its not tell that fucker to take you to court. Best of luck to you :D
  13. If his mom calls you, tell her to take a look at the pictures and videos on her sons phone. By the sounds of it, its either full of pics of him smoking weed, or gay porn.

    Either way, I think you wont be in trouble after that.
  14. this sounds like a situation that 7 year olds could solve better than you and your friends
  15. Maybe you should stop pinching peoples pants with the tips of your shoes.... whatever the fuck that means
  16. yes, once again, your a dick

  17. ahahaha
  18. lmao i was thinkign the same thing.

    thats some gay shit man, anyone would get hit for pulling that kinda stuff haha
  19. Your a dick. First of all why would you nudge a guy with your shoe unlesss you were trying to fuck him? If I was your friend I would have hopped and hit you in your fucking mouth then took all your money and your phone? It doesn't matter how much he payed for it... I payed 30 dollars for my old phone but it was worth 300. Don't give him 400 dollars go on craigslist and get him a new fucking phone.
  20. Man. If you're caught tuggin a man's pants with your shoes around these parts of town... its concidered gay

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