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Discussion in 'General' started by commanderkeen, May 10, 2006.

  1. I don't know if its worth it to me to start growing.

    what if my parents find out? they dont even know that I smoke weed, and to findout i was growing would be like ..... i dont even know what they'd do, i've never done anything so*horrendous* before.

    I am making the growbox with the cover that im getting into agriculture stuff as a hobby, ive planted some apple trees outside and i am taking care of them and hoping to turn them into bonsais, which would be cool. however.

    growing weed. is there a foolproof way for me to do it? any plants that grow faster that i could stick infront of it in the growbox so it wouldnt be visible?

    I like smoking weed and I'd like free weed. but is it worth it is the question, when I have a certainly safe way to do it, with maybe some tolerant roomates or fellow stoners, but right now. is it worth it? this would be a personal supply and i'd sell any excess....

    sorry just my .... venting, i gotta get it all out somewhere, cant tell anyone i know personally or i may end up in jail or something crazy
    stupid conservatives.......

    how much trouble would i get in if my parents/the police caught me with 2(?) plants that are fairly small?
    im near toronto, so in ontario, canada.

    keen out
  2. i'm a lazy bastard so no amount of effort is worth it. well then again, i have sat in the hood for 45 minutes trying to pick up.
  3. My advice don't grow. If someone tipped off the cops about your little operation, even if it's 2 plants, could get your parent's house seized until they could prove that the money for the house was not paid for with money from selling weed. It's a whole new fuckin ballgame when you grow. If you want to grow, wait till you move into your own apartment. If you can't wait that long, grow some mint plants and make some tea. Smoking in your parents house is one thing, growing is completely different.
  4. "my little operation" 1-2plants possibly?
    I dont know the laws here about growing but my friend has been caught 3 times by the police, various narcs, whatever, and he's still going, i think 3 was the last one, and if he gets caught again hes going to jail.
    however, I have not been caught doing anything illegal, and im sure my parents havent either....

    BTW how easy is it to get weed across the border? are there dogs or anything? I am going to the states for a while in june and i dont want to have to hunt for weed and so i figure with my own stash i should be fine........would they really catch a ziploc bag in a pocket or something? actually....
    sketchy as hell the harder you think about it, but i'm sure it could be done.....

    so imma grow other plants now until i move out or something changes in my mind or whatever....
    any suggestions? :confused:

    any nice looking plants? lol what about sativa? could i find seeds or whatnot for that easy enough?

  5. dude dont even bother
  6. You probably don't have the time or knowledge required to succed at something worthwhile. And ever more so, it isn't YOUR house, it's your parents. Even though you have lived there all of your life you haven't likely paid one dime for it, or any of it's upkeep.

    Don't go fucking your parents life up for your selfish endeavours. If you want to do it you need to do it in YOUR house, something you paid for and the risk is 100% yours.

    I know it's hard to differentiate at a young age, but the real world will knock the shit out of you soon, and you will understand what im talking about.
  7. i have to agree with this

    hell, i didn't even drink until i moved out of my hosue. i was 20.
  8. yeah its not worth it for 2 plants.... id say grow ops ud want to start with a minimum of 4 plants. 1 plant deffinatley isnt worth it because that 1 plant will end up being male, just because you want it to be female. haha.

    i thought about the same thing. my parents know about my smoking. my dad also smokes. we do not smoke together for the reason if it being crossing the line between parent and friend. well anyways, planting is a bit different.

    yes you might be able to get away with it but its still to risky for me. ud only be able to hide it till ur plants got so big. dont forget, those suckers can get to be 6 feet tall.

    once i get my own place and i move out of my parents im deffinatley gona grow a bit. wouldnt "deliver" much of my yeild as id use it for personal use, but id be able to sell off an oz or 2.
  9. so the question stands, what are some "legal alternatives" (other things, not things to get high off) that i could put in a grow box and learn how to grow? tomatoes? beans? lol, thingslike those?
  10. if i were you, i would wait untill you arent so inexperienced to grow at your house, get some seeds out of a bag, and plant them somewere. and read up in the growing section too
  11. yea yea but i am asking for plants i can grow in the growbox for experience
    any ideas?:confused:
  12. Maybe grow some mint plants. That way you get the grow box set up going, and you have some tea?
  13. Rep +. Smoking in your parents' home is one thing....GROWING is a whole new ballgame. Remember that it will not only cost them extra in utilities (which they WILL notice) but you are also committing a FELONY on their property. Whether they are directly involved in your operation or not, that can get them into some serious shit if you are caught.

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