Should I even go back to work?

Discussion in 'General' started by roogug, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. So I work at a pizza restaurant and ever since my old boss sold the place to some company about two months ago it has gone downhill fast. Over half of the employees have quit including the two managers who know what they're doing. I already put in my "two weeks notice" on friday and after me and someone else did the work of 4 people throughout tonight, then had to stay an hour and a half late I really just want to not go back for the remaining 4 days im scheduled in the two week period but I feel it would be bad karma even though the sooner they realize this business is a complete failure, the better. Im also entertaining the idea of calling them tomorrow and telling them ill stick around for $10/hour as opposed to the current $7.25, it sounds like a dick move on my part but this whole situation is complex(They threatened us a couple weeks ago saying they had people lined up to replace any of us). I went from a cook and driver to a janitor who delivers when the ownership changed.
    Thanks to anyone whos willing to read this haha :hello::smoke:
  2. its not a dick move. theyre the dicks
  3. i would suck it up and work those four days unless you already have another job lined up. some money is better than no money.
  4. You dont even know dude we have a cook who has a family and they pay him like $8.25 and it forces him to work like 6 days a week. Not to mention we are literally twice as efficient when hes working. But what else can you expect from stereotypical conservative texan douchebags, am I right?
  5. Dude wtf sounds like they r using you for the cheapest amount of pay they r able to pay you. Id quit those fckers unless your un-confident that you would not b able to get a job. Because at least you have a job in the positive way of lookig at it. But that is shit that your job went downhill like that.
  6. Im about to leave to go back to college anyway and im also about to go on vacation. I in no way need the job. What really sucks though is before my boss sold the restaurant I made a little less wage there and worked 10x harder than my last two jobs but it was such a better job because my boss was a nice and respectful guy. I think it's funny that out of my 4 different bosses i've had (2 chinese immigrants, 1 iranian immigrant and a company of conservative middle aged guys) the Iranian was easily the best boss by far :)
  7. Dont go back, stick it to em.

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