should i eat shrooms

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gregwilder, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. its midnight. home alone have 1.75 grams of shrooms. never done shrooms before. should i eat them? if i dont tonight i probobly never will
  2. Never tried them myself, but I wouldn't... I would only try it with a friend to experience it with, or to be with while I experience and he's my assurance nothing is wrong.

    Either way, i personally dont plan on trying shrooms, but on the off chance i do, im only going to try it if im with a friend.
  3. Do it with a trip sitter.

    You'll want someone sober with you. It relaxed me greatly. I would recommend it.
  4. only 1.75? i will tell you what, i did 1.5 and by 45 mins i felt it. no nausea(i smoked too) but it sure as hell worked. it was a VERY comfortable trip and i was by myself. it wasnt like a trip on acid at all, way funner and easier to control. really though, i would do it if i were you.
  5. i tried shrooms for the first time a few months ago. it was honesty one of the most spiritually beautiful times of my life. i would definitely recommend trying them. however, i would also recommend you do some research on them first so you know what to expect and have a trip setter. have some nice relaxing music available.
  6. do it man, especially if today was a nonstressful day and you are in good spirits. just dont go do it if you are in stresssful realtions and shit hahaah

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