Should i eat a weed brownie before a field trip?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by concernedmom420, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Im taking a field trip wednesday to a science musuem and wondering if its a bad idea or not to eat it right before i get on the bus and the musuem is about 45 mins from school

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  2. Well first off you just admitted to being under 18 so your going to end up banned. But no that's a stupid idea wait until your home and enjoy the trip don't waste it bring paranoid as fuck

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  3. No im 19 and in college

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  4. Can you present yourself in a sober manner?

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  5. Just do it, what's the worse that can happen? If anyone asks, just say you feel a bit weird, might have eaten something weird, but you'll be ok. If they press it, just say you ate some food that a brother/sister/friend/random stranger left, and it might have been that. Live for the thrills!
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  6. No, you will just be bugging out the whole time and be uncomfortable, horrible idea in my opinion.
  7. Cookies will take you to the moon and you will be miserable being so high around sober people. What kind of field trip are you going on in College?
  8. i would do it forsure.

    just handle yo scandal boy.
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    ^ If you can do this, then go ahead. 
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  10. I mean you can't get kicked out for being high unless you're baligerant or something. I'd just try to smoke there, edibles aren't exactly for walking around after from my experience
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    Is this even a question?

    Science museums are cool but science museums while high are cooler.

    Do it. Put some eye drops in and you'll be fine. Unless you act like a complete idiot because then they'll know your high. So don't act like an idiot.
  12. Any time any question starts with "should I eat a weed brownie?" Regardless of the siyuation the answer is yes.

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  13. yes but about 40 min before you get on the bus
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  14. Just eat 3 incase the first two dont work, might as well bring a few more incase you get hungry.

    And as a 19 year old in college, why cant you spell museum?

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  15. Yeah..... eat 2 half hour before your bus ride.
  16. you're chill. science museum would be rad. everyone giving you a hard time should fuck off dude
  17. No you should wrap them up and purchase the proper postage then send them to me in the mail so I can eat them.
  18. I ate 3 weed brownies in school once and had a great time, according to my friends I walked around all day with a big smile

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  19. Yes.
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  20. could be a high school senior or college student. no admission of being under 18 there bub.
    and she said she is a 19 year old college student.

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