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Should I eat 400mg edible all at once?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SSH12, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. 'm about to buy a 400 mg caramel bar edible  from the dispensary tomorrow and i'm wondering how much I should take? I was thinking of taking all 400 but i'm not trying to have a bad paranoid trip and be throwing up everywhere. I've had one cookie in the past when my tolerance was a little lower and that was around 50mg and when I ate half of it I got high but not baked. My tolerance is alright now, little on the low side but one small bowl will get me borderline baked.
    Do you guys also have any tips to maximize my experience like if i should eat a couple hours before and is there anything I could do if it is too strong so I don't throw up and that I won't get super paranoid?

  2. Eat/drink a mango or mango smoothie an hour and a half b4 u smoke, I would suggest eating half of that and waiting 2 hours to see how hard it hits you.
    Start taking a omega 3 supplement daily too
  3. what's with the omega 3?
  4. Just eat the thing. And stay hydrated. And have fun:)

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  5. barely 1/2 of a gram..
    should be fine.
  6. Ya but usually the dispensaries measure how much actual cannabinoids are in it, not how much weed. So really it's more like a 2 gram edible. If half of a 50 mg(25mg) got you high last time, and your tolerance is higher now I'd say eat half and you should be fine. That's about 8 times as much, but with a higher tolerance its more like 4 times as much so half of it should give you a nice strong baking but probably won't be uncomfortable
  7. Calling granny stormcrow

    Come in granny stormcrow
  8. Um that's not much. Each the whole thing
  9. It's gonna be a heavy stone, bud. Eat it, put on a movie and slug around until you fall asleep. Edibles generally don't cause paranoia, because the high from an edible is, in my opinion, quite a bit less cerebral than smoking/vaping/dabbing. Usually it's when having a very heady high that most people would begin to get paranoid if the time came. 
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    Omega 3 is essential for the production and proper function of your cannabinoid receptors.
    I can't tell you much else on it, unfortunately. Page Granny for further info :p
    Like some others have said, OP, I'd probably go with half. You can always eat more, titrate to effect ;) If you get nauseous easily, it probably would be a good idea to eat a bite beforehand, or after eating the edible. Though if you do eat beforehand, it will take longer for the edible to kick in, so don't get disappointed too quick and finish it off!
  12. update: it's actually 800 mg not 400 mg so that made me even happier hahaha but i'ma probably do 200 mgfirst time(since it is 4 servings) then depending how baked I get probably next time i'll finish the rest of the 600mg. Sorry if this made no sense i'm baked lol.

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