Should I dump this plant and start over?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by sasquisha, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I want to keep this plant, but it seems likes its not even growing. Its on day 26 from seed and it is small. I don't know what the problem is but hopefully I can fix it. Im using the Mrgrowpro pc box so I dont think ventilation is a problem nor heat.
    Strain: Auto Blue Mystic
    Soil: FFOF
    I usually water every 2-4 days and haven't used any ferts yet
    Im really starting to give up on this girl..

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  2. Come on, ANYONE??? Its getting worse and the leaves are all crispy now... PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. Please put that poor plant out of its misery, then start a new plant taking much better care of it. Ocean Forest soil can be to strong for seedlings, especially nute sensitive strains. That could be your problem. Or it could have been heat, under watering or any number of things. Its hard to tell with the plant so far gone. The only chance to save it would be to cut off all the dead leaves and let the healthy ones in the middle try to survive, but the plant will be extremely stunted. I've kept a damaged plant before and it stayed 1 ft while the others got big, and the plant I kept wasn't even THAT damaged.
  4. Oh yeah, and your soil looks pretty dry. Under watering may be what killed your plant. You can't let it dry out too much for seedlings.
  5. Yeah... when you're potting your germ'd tap root. You put it in a container and seal it in something. Like a huge zip lock bag or something to hold moisture. Saran wrap works too. Just make sure it's real wet until it pops out and water it when it's dried up
  6. I watered it every 2-4 days so that's not the problem. It was doing good for the first week or two but in the last week the leaves just started to twist. I have 4 23 watt cfls 2-3 inches away could that have burnt it?
  7. What is the ph?
  8. could the oh be effected if i never added anything but water?
  9. Do you have a thermometer in there?
  10. Yeah bro. The ph could be 9 for all you know. Tap water is not always a perfect 7, mines 8.5
  11. I use purified water maybe that's it

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