Should I?! (Drug Test)

Discussion in 'General' started by Dreeker, May 29, 2004.

  1. Today I am going to go out, i wanna take some DXM;
    Should I?

    I am probably going to get tested for drugs monday or tuesday, if i take about 400-600 Mg tonight and work
    out saturday and sunday and drink a lot of water will i pass the test

    They will most likely only be checking for:
    DXM (Cuz friend Oded on Robotussin and they know i did it etc.)

    Yesterday i smoked like 3 bowls of weed, will i pass this as well, last time before yesterday was like 2 weeks

    Please reply before like 9 so i can read it over before i go out, i dont wanna be fucked for summer if i fail the test
    and if u think i will ill just skip tonite's trip

    How long Does DXM last in your system?
  2. the key to passing a urine test is to flush the hell out of your system.... drink many fluids......ive only been tested for weed 4 times but i passed each good luck to you and the dxm
  3. Taking IT NOW!! WHOOHOO!

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