Should I Drop Acid at ACL?

Discussion in 'General' started by rollitup420, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all, I have never tried LSD before but I have tried a few other psychedelics including magic mushrooms (3 times, up to 1/8th) and salvia (numerous times, 5, 20, & 60x). So next weekend Im going to a giant music festival called Austin City Limits in Austin, TX. A friend of mine told me that he has a friend who is also coming the festival and is bringing some Acid. I am strongly considering taking a single hit (maybe two if its weak) one of the 3 days and frying for the first time. I plan on taking the acid outside of the festival in the city with another buddy and a trip sitter or two and then once i get the feel for what tripping acid feels like we will make our way into the park. Is this a bad situation for a first acid trip? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  2. The first (and last) time I dropped acid, the doorknob terrified me to my core, (laughing at me, pointing at me, etc...) so leaving the house was not going to happen for me :)

    I can't imagine what a festival full of people would have done :)
  3. oh God! Well how much did you take. Im only planning on taking one hit, do you think that would be a managable dose for my situation?
  4. I took two, but it all depends on the quality of the dose... I would say definitely start with one... Everyone trip's differently, so there's not much I can really say (not to mention I've only done it once myself)... Enjoy though, it's an amazing ride :)
  5. thanks for the help. im a little hesitant to do it if I wont be able to keep it together. first priority for me is to not have a bad trip. ive had a few with mushrooms and those are never fun.
  6. if i was you, i wouldn't take acid at all for my first time with a group of people i hardly know, especially a festival. i suggest you droppin acid for your first time with a small group of good friends. thats just me though, although the first time i ever dropped acid was right before school, and that was one fun intense day!!
  7. acid is weird man you can't really be prepared for it, oh god no and don't take it near strangers. I did it with this kid who i was kinda good friends with, but he's a weirdo and it was just fucked up dude. Do it with somebody you're really close to or you will freak out most likely.
  8. When I was a teenager, a friend and I took it before going to testify before a court, great time by all. A music festival, come on, what more of a reason could you need? If your questioning it, acid may not be right for u.

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