should i do it?

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. well i'm gonna be stuck at my house all day n my neighbor is on vacation so i cant go chill wit nobody unless someone calls me cuz everyones busy right now, so should i do it?

    (dont ask questions, just tell me if i should do it, after i get 10 replys i'll tell u what it is)
  2. Do it, you little bitch.

  3. Go for it....What's the worst that could happen :D
  4. Oh Negligent, I love you so much.

    Babies now.
  5. no dont go rob your neighbors house!
  6. woops read that wrong.... uhh have a party?
  7. fuck yeah man..i would
  8. So I think I changed my mind. You probably shouldn't do it
  9. My understanding is, if you cant tell people what you're gonna do, its probably something stupid, so i chose no, for your own wellbeing neg.
  10. You'll shoot your eye out kid!
  11. same here
  12. Well thats 10 posts neg. an its 50-50 haha. So what is it
  13., maybe next time.

    15 replies...what was you gonna do?
  14. haha i just had a bottle with half gatorade half robitussin, a 20oz' bottle, and i couldnt make up my mind whether or not i could down the mixture, but i did, haha n i was already starting to sip on it when i posted this, so really i didnt even need to ask the question, haha i jus was bored as fuck, and still am, at least i'm fucked up and bored though, i had this shit from last tuesday n i needed to get rid of it
  15. hahaha have fun with that man
  16. just dont go stealin shit when you go robo on us :p
  17. and if you do make sure its more than 5 dollers worth of candyu
  18. haha nah i'm done stealin shit, nothin short of angel dust is gonna make me start stealin again, a 3rd charge would totally fuck me i cant afford that.... i dunno i got like a new supply of hope when i wokeup today, i did a lil satanic ritual las night since it was 6/6/06 (and also since i'm a satanist incase u didnt know) n i dunno i feel different now, prolly placebo, but placebo is real enough to make a difference if i want it to

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