should i do anything with this? (56k no)

Discussion in 'General' started by rpg, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. bored...the bills don't play for another hour...the yanks and sox are postponed right now...

    i've got a tiny bit of leftover weed from my grinder and a tray full of kief. should i try smoking it? i'm picking up more later tonight and ill prolly smoke a blunt later...but im bored now haha

  2. Yes?

    That kief will get you lifted, and if you're picking up later on tonight why not? Kinda pointless thread lol
  3. haha i second that^
  4. Geaux Saints! :p
  5. well i believe in democracy...time to smoke haha
  6. Roll each little piece of herb around in the kief, pack em all in and torch it in one hit.

    That one hit would probably get you lifted!
  7. i would use that bit of weed to plug the hole in the pipe so no precious keif falls through unburnt.
  8. This.

    And Geaux Saints!

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