Should I defoliate first 1.5 weeks into flower

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  1. Hi All! First time grower here trying my luck with growing 2 feminized northern lights in RDWC. I went to 12/12 on 8/3 and am wondering if I should do some defoliating of the larger fan leaves while these two are in the midst of their stretch. I did a decent pruning right before going to flower, but these fan leaves grow so quick that the bud sights are having a hard time not getting overshadowed. Just wanted some advice if it’d be beneficial to get rid of the big ones and do a somewhat decent pruning while these gals are in the stressful process of stretching. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. I can understand the reasoning behind defoliating, though in my experience it does little good.
    The leaves are the energy producers of the plant. It is far more important that the leaves get lit than the bidsites, as the budsites are energy consumers.
    As the plant makes more and more flowers, it generates less leaves. When this is going on, the plant pulls stored nutrients from the older leaves. If those leaves are not there, the plant will take stored nutrients from wherever it can, namely, the new growth.
    This isn't so critical in hydro, as one can replace the missing stored nutrients in solution, but in soil, it's not so easy to do.

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