Should I Decarb. All Of My Weed?

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  1. so i just last week learned what decarbing your weed is. i been smoking for 3 years. from what i learned(correct me if im wrong) that if you cook your grinded bud on a very low heat, like 250 you try and force the THC chemical compound to give up a carbon atom, making it more of a psychedelic high.
    how well would this work if i decarbed like an 1/8, put it in a jar and smoked it in my bong? pretty much use when i need
    would i notice smoking decarbed vs regular? (yes im aware the process happens as you smoke, but would i get much more of a psyche high if i decarbed first)
    honestly i dont know much about decarb but if its beneficial for making edibles, could it also benefit a bong?

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    Weed is decarbed when you smoke it. Baking it then smoking it pointless, but if you're cooking with it then you will have to decarb it.

    Decarbing it before or during smoking makes no difference.
  3. i heard using a butane lighter does not do a 100% decarb job, in fact its around 75%, that is the reason why THC will stick to your body, the thc that is all Psycho active(minus carbon) would stay in your brain, however most of the weed found in the system is not psychoactive THC.
    that is proof that a lighter is not 100% accurate.
    also an FYI, i tried this baking fine grind weed at 225 for 15 minutes in my toaster oven.
    i can vouch that i did notice a difference, i was definitely getting more swirls in my head and staring at my wall gave off more of an image effect(the colors that every stoner sees when high), also i spaced out a lot more.
    im not gonna say it was a huge change, but lets say im normally at a 7 and this time im an 8. pretty much a 1 point jump on the 1-10 scale.
    my weed is Dro

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