Should I cut this cola

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  1. I was wondering if I should get rid of it and maybe try to clone. Only because it’s sagging and doesn’t look like it’s gonna catch up and from my knowledge if I do it’ll promote growth to the top colas. I would much rather leave it but I don’t want to waste my girls energy. IMG_0048.JPG

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  2. That seems a likely candidate for trimming...
    and using it as a clone is a terrific idea.
    Naw, they don't really catch up...
    Everything else is upright and happy!
  3. I totally agree she was stunted quite badly for awhile due to me not knowing what I was doing. (I still don’t know what I’m doing) I’m just scared to hermie her. How would you suggest going about trimming and about where should I make the cut for the clone? Hate to pick at your brain but if you look at my older threads you’ll see how bad she looked In the past.

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  4. Oh... clip the branch off leaving a nub of perhaps a half inch.
    It's really hard for *my* eyes, but it looks like you could use
    about 'three leaves' worth of cutting. Trim off the lowest fan leaves,
    root hormone and clone away in your favorite medium.
    Have fun, don't worry.
  5. Thanks for your help!

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  6. I posted a full size picture. If you would like to tell me a little more about what you mean by lowest fan leaves that would be awesome. I just thought the purpose of trimming is so the light can reach the colas. I figured that would mean taking off the big ones in the middle

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  7. When you clip your 'cutting' from the branch you removed, keep it about 'three leaves' long.
    Clip off the bottom leaves of the cutting, hormone, and clone away.
  8. I'm not referring to your plant at all... just the errant branch and the resultant cutting.

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