Should i cut my hair short?

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  1. Hey guys so when i was 13 i was a complete dumbass and pierced my ear with an unsterilyzed paperclip, i know stupid, anyway it was off so i pierced it in another spot so i had 2 holes. I wore the earring in the second hole but the first one closed up and left a bump about 1/10 of an inch big. I think it's called an ear lobe keloid. I have long curly hair and still wear the earring to cover up the slight bump in the front and my hair covers up the back so noone really notices it. But i want to cut my hair short now but im afraid itll gross people out when they see it or something idk. People are so judgemental nowadays should i cut my hair short?

  2. If anyone judges you cause of a keloid then they are just scumbags not worthy of your time. Rock your hair however you feel comfortable.
  3. Sounds like you'll care more than other people will
  4. Yeah man do what you see fit with your own image, don't let anyone else tell you what you should/shouldn't do.
    These 2 replies ^ are the correct answers.
  6. if its hot where you live, you work outside, cut it short. be comfy, the people who would judge or say anything arent your people. your people are telling you to cut your hair short, and fuck everyone else in the ear.
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    Yes. Only because short hair is better. And easier and cheaper to maintain. Get a $20 trimmer and do it yourself every few months. I do #1(1/8th I think) and under, one step above shaved bald I guess. 
  8. Yes cut your hair. As a matter of fact, shave your head :)
  9. youre good man, i used to have long hair to cover up some nasty scars on my face and head but i say JFI or just fuck it if you want your hair short for your own comfort do it and makes you look less shady and takes you out of that "pot head" stereotype, at least as far as looks go.
  10. Yeah bro it's just a kind of a scar. Nobody cares. Cut it.
  11. 1. Start painting epic canvas paintings
    2. Do not be content with your work and go insane
    3. Cut off the bottom part of your earlobe
    4. Die
    5. People will remember you for ages to come
    Wut else u gunna do brah?

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