Should I cut it?

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  1. Dude, if it looked fine one day and then it looks like this:


    We have some issues, id think you either poisoned your plant or your ph is wayyyy off idont really know what the hell happened here
  2. is the maristem broken? it looks like your main stem was severed and duct taped back on. or it was like 130F or somthing that looks baked. you could have some type of canker, check your main stalks for strange, fungi-like spots.
  3. Did you feed or water it the night before this happened?
  4. Nope thats what happened. It looked great I added some lights went to bed and woke up to that. Anyone have any input on the cutting off the top half off the plant? :)
  5. yeah its dead, cut it.

    the extra lights probabbly created a spike in tempratures.

  6. Yeah I think it has to do with the extra lights and the fact it was ready to be watered. I just wish it didn't happen over night. lets say I cut the top 6 inches would anything new grow? :)
  7. I would make clones out of the bottom and trash the rest, you need better ventilation it seems
  8. Yeah its an auto and from what I've heard those don't clone well. and very true my ventilation is lacking. :)
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    Ohi didn't see the auto part. yea you can't fck with auto cloning
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  11. i thought i was in trouble with my babies thats made me feel better ha. looks like u abandoned it for a few week.
  12. thanks for the great advice. And if you read what I said you would of known it happened over night, but good luck with yours! welcome to the city :wave:

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