Should I cut down lower branches ? ...

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  1. Lollipop or whatever I read it gets more yield if I cut the branches that are smaller at the bottom ...also any estimates on i yield 4 weeks into flowering ww and gelato 5 plants 1450 total wall watts acutually from wall in 8 gallon pots organic soil I I hope I get 1 gpw I vegged 2 months one plant the bigger one is in dwc

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  2. But I didn’t want to cut the bottom branches because there’s little buds that add up but if it’s taking from the top I’ll do it but I’m 4 weeks into flower
  3. First grow i went all out
  4. I would highly suggest lollipopping. Those popcorn buds don’t add up to shit honestly.
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  5. So cut for expamole that one branch that u saw nothing really on? Is it too Late too lollipop I thought I read you should do it in veg or right at end of stretch or 3rd week 12/12 it’s foing on the 5th week and it’s when there packing on most bud wouldn’t I stresss them for a few days in there prime or whatever...don’t know anything just wanna know everything lol
  6. I always thought that by a few weeks of flower you don't want to be removing anything anymore. I've got some lower popcorn stuff I'd still like to remove, but not sure if it's too late.
  7. I take them up until the 3rd week in flower. No reason really. If I see buds I don’t want then off they go.

    I use them for clones if I get them in veg.
  8. Do these trichomes look ready in anyone's opinion it's 8 and half weeks pic tooken from iPhone on q 30x jewelers loupe
  9. Oh here

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  10. I don’t take off popcorn buds. While they don’t equal a lot of weight they are good for vaping
  11. Need natural lighting
  12. Here turned off all the bs lights

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  13. If u look inside the buds though just without a scope naturally the inside of the buds still look a little green like fresh not ripe or whatever like they need to finish on the inside

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  14. from the looks of them I'd say another week or 2.

    more shiny than not
  15. so I don't want the trichs do have any shine ? And aren't they supposed to have a ball on the end of those hair things or the trichs I don't think mine developed yet there just hairs with no ball on end really

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  16. That would've helped I did everything right this grow except a lot of people said leave it some of the buds could have been way longer

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