Should I cull this young plant?

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  1. Hello all-

    Back growing after an 18 month pause (sold house, moved into apartment while I built new house). Used to have a 2 by three well ventilated closet grow (5 years, about 10 successful runs), talked my spouse into letting me have a 2x4 tent in this house. Running four fast buds autos, two tangle'matic and two pineapple express. Both Pineapple Express are proving pretty sensitive. One in particular has been lagging and is just now with this newest node starting to look healthy. After an 18 month break, it is important I don't have a herm plant screw this whole run. But the plant is looking healthy now.

    The first pic is all four girls. The next few are the young plant in question and the last pics are the other three. All under same conditions

    what do you all think?

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  2. wondering if the slow growers are due to overwatering....
  3. I think you should get rid of a wife that does not like you growing plants . My personal opinion. Your not allowed a hobby ? Need to get her acceptance . NOPE. You should ask your wife what is wrong with your plants . She wears the pants in your house.
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    Ok. Sure. Thanks . Your response was full of assumptions and stereotypes. Let me provide you an ounce of your own heading “don’t be an asshole, now fuck off!” I am a man and so is my spouse. He is supportive of my horticulture which is why, through mature adult dialogue and support, came to a place where he supported my upgrade from small closet grow to larger higher end tent situation. We both “wear the pants” which is how we successfully navigated a two year process into a beautiful new home which we built and both love. There is tremendous respect, communication and support in this relationship/family/household. Hope the same is true for you.

    Now, I am curious if anyone is interested in answering my question whether one of my four young cannabis plants is healthy enough to keep? Not so much interested in the nonsense about pants and projections?

    Sending everyone a positive week!
  5. Very early on, I saw signs of overwatering, first and second set of leaves pointing down. I was confused since I am using coco and was lightly spritzing the plants in the solo cups just passed the top of the medium. I am using a much stronger light now (Spider farmer SF2000) compared to my last light (viparspectra new1000w, the $99 one). I found when I turned the light down the two sensitive plants started flourishing, the weakest one (the one in question) still seems sensitive. But as I mentioned, it is starting to look healthy. Much of my research speaks to herm'ing when stress is caused during flower. If I can get this girl healthy before flower, should I stick with it? I really don't want a herm harvest on my first grow back.
  6. full plant hermies are rarer then people make them out to be, imo - just go with the flow.
  7. Keep it, let her grow,I always root for the underdog

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