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Should I cook firecrackers, let them sit out for a few days, or do both?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by jbowlin, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Which one will get me the highest?
  2. make them fresh
  3. For sure cook them! and if you feel like it let them sit for a couple days after, I think just letting them sit is too much of a risk to wasting your bud! :)
  4. what i do is let them sit for about 3 to 4 days on a windowsill that gets a few hours of sunlight during the day and then cook them and im blasted
  5. should i let them sit for a few days then cook them? or cook them then let them sit for a few days? im a complete fire cracker noob, just trying to get the most potency thanks.
  6. [quote name='"Ganja.Godfather"']should i let them sit for a few days then cook them? or cook them then let them sit for a few days? im a complete fire cracker noob, just trying to get the most potency thanks.[/quote]

    Sit for a few days wrapped I'n glad wrap I'n a spot that can either completely warm it at a level temperature or leave on windowsill where it can get the sun.

    Unwrap it lick whatever has gone on the gladwrap and wrap it tightly I'n alfoil or tin foil, then chuck I'n a preheated oven at 120celcius for about twenty minutes and you'll be blown off your rockas for 6 hours.

    Make sure you don't eat 2 hours ahead of it and don't smoke before it kicks I'n sometimees it takes an hour to kick I'n, also eat about a tablespoon of coconut oil beforehand

  7. thanks for the info dude, I already wrapped them in tinfoil and they are just sitting in my living room (normal temperature) I put olive oil between the crackers with the PB to absorb the most. will that be good enough to leave them in the tin foil instead of plastic wrap?

    Also 120? I thought it was was supposed to be like 300?

    and I actually have a lot of coconut oil what does it do?
  8. glad wrap lets the sun get too it better so when leaving it out use glad wrap and also coconut oil is a saturated fat which absorbs the thc and canabinoids better so use it inbetween instead of olive oil, also 120 degrees celcius im from aus so i dont know what that translates into farenhieght and having a tablespoon of coconut oil transfers the oils and foods you will be eating into energy instead of fat (so the firecracker gets more for your buck with the thc going into your bloodstream instead of storing in fats atleast in my personal experience, i did this and my two friends didn't i was high for about an hour longer then both of them sooo yeah.

    also use all natural peanut butter cause it has more fats and absorbs the herb better and dont forget a glass of milk before you eat it cause it sticks to your mouth and not the most appetising flavour.
  9. and if you have like a tv or dvd player thats warm to touch put it on top of that if you cant put it in sunlight
  10. I cooked two .5 fire crackers yesterday and I'm planning on eating them today! cooked method of course I don't think I would chance the sit out method.. I'll try to keep you guys updated. It was a gram nug that I put in the coffee grinder and it was dank shit! Has anyone else here tried that? I would like to hear back from someone who has. Hopefully it works. ••! SMOKE ON !••
  11. i imagine if you put a little bit of the coconut in the firecrackers prior op, you may have even better results. i haven't tried the sitout method myself but coconut oil is the best oil to use as far as extracting weed goes.
  12. Just updating everyone one, I had eaten 2 .5 gram of dank. Firecrackers at around noon and it was just a constant increase in high. Like shrooms. I couldn't control it. But it was amazing! Everyone should try it sometime! It's way different from smoking bud. But it's been almost 9 hours since I ate them and I can feel that I'm coming down. SLOWLY THO.. it was intense! I think it will be a regular thing for me now. Easy to make! Super high and for an extremely long time. I think it's a great way to use marijuana! :) I will deffinetally have to make more soon.! :) ••!SMOKE ON!••
  13. glad you liked it wade :) just wait till you make proper oil and decarb your bud before you cook it too :) better results then ever, i usually make a new batch of brownies every 3 months and then just munch on them every once in a while :p

    edibles are my favourite way.
  14. What do you recommend jackc? Like what is your recipe? I mean I know how to do it n all just what do you do? How much how long? Ect. ••!SMOKE ON!••
  15. Read paleos potent canna fry oil it's a thread in hear . Normal declared edible dose is between .3 and .5 grams of a grade. Make sure to use coconut oil or lard to cool the cannabis into it cause higher sat fat content the more THC and cbds etc it can absorb.

    Now the thing with edibles is so simple just make the oil! So you have 5 grams of a grade that is ten strong edibles when decarbed and cooked into oil. Then all you do is just decide that oil and when you wanna get stoned throw that into your food or drink or desert :)

    To decarbed get a glass dish grind bud and put in their an then make it airtight with alfoil not anything major but just enough to stop vapor getting out incase it gets to hot when decarbing.
    Then put in an oven for 20 minutes at 120 to 135c
    Then take out let it cool down for 5 minutes for any vapor to settle back onto bud then open and cook into oil using paleos method.

    You can also measure out how much oil goes into a recipe then cook so much bud into that oil so you want ten chocolate brownies 5 grams will do but personally I don't bother making edibles unless I'm using 14 or so grams of bud cause I tend to have fun baking and just like making heaps of them so I make like 24 brownies that are a little bit stronger then .5 :)
  16. Sweet man. What exactly happens when you decarb it? Does it just loosen up all the THC in the green? Or does it get rid of carcinogens? Idk I'm curious to kn
  17. ••!SMOKE ON!•• hahaha
  18. THC in bud form is not totally bioavailability active so when you decarb your turnin inactive THC etc Into active THC if you want to go into the science of edibles check out bks thread
  19. Oh ok. Thanks. I'm going to have to try that out.
  20. Do both. The longer you let it sit afterward, the more thc that will be absorbed into the fats.

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