Should I clone my Female?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Green thum, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. This is my first grow, I have 2 plants 1 of them has just started showing female preflowers :D And I'm unsure about the other. Should I clone the one that I know is female so I can have another female plant and more of a yield?

    Also on my other plant, there are some leaves that look different from the rest of the leaves? they have smooth edged not jagged ones like rest of the leaves on that plant. These appeared just after transplanting. Anyone know whats up with this? also the weird leaves on that plant have only 3 "fingers" Most of the leaves look normal but theres about 7 of these leaves on the plant. They started growing on the plant just after I transplanted it and topped it and it looked like something had eaten some of it also.

    Also, I am growing outdoors(Southern Hemisphere).

  2. If you decide to clone it you will have to root the clone and put it in veg for ~4 weeks untill it pays off to flower it.

    So you would have to have a room for flowering your current and vegging your clone(s). Or you wait another month and vegg the motherplant more and flower clone and mother at the same time.

    Some leaves can have 3 fingers, thats not a problem. Cannabis plants dont always have 5 fingers. I had plants with 3 to 9 fingers / leave.

  3. Greenthum has already said he is growing outdoors.
  4. So would it be worth cloning it for outdoors? Frosts wont start till around another 4 months. Or should I not risk cutting pieces from my only confirmed female out of 2 plants. This is my first grow btw, I have researched extensively before I started growing but I am still a new grower.

    And on my other plant, the leaves just look like they arent meant to be there like from some other sort of plant.

  5. I am an outdoor grower - I take clones occasionally, when I am short of females. I keep them under a 18/6 CFL until they have rooted (only time I ever use lights), then acclimatise them to the sun over a week or so.
  6. I cant realy do the cfl indoor thing, So do you think I should bother given my situation? we still got alot of summer/spring time left here.

    Also would it hurt my plant in any way to take a cutting, stress it and turn it herm etc? or decrease yeild durasticaly?
  7. Any replies?

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