should I chop this one?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Hydroled420, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Here she is. Know way to check trichome.

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  2. Don't know why you can't put a cheap smart phone camera close up with or without flash. You would be able to tell.
  3. I think in a lot of pictures I am seeing a mix of dark and some white hairs, with the hairs not receding all the way, so I'd vote most likely no.
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  4. One week I would say
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  5. Last picture bottom right bud has some nanners
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  6. Yeah I'm exactly day 49. So 7 weeks . And my plant is starting to show signs of leaves dying off and stuff. And most the hairs are reddish brown. But not all the way receded. But I don't have a loupe. I'll invest in one soon but as of now gotta go off best guess
  7. Yeah started that last week. Figured I'm close enough it shouldn't be too bad?
  8. Should be alright
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  9. Guess I'll wait another week and chop it.? Unless y'all disagree?
    If so what's your output on flushing do it orr nah
  10. The first search of "jewelers loupe" on google brings up an amazon link with one for $2.20 I would wait
  11. Got any pics of it now?
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  12. I can take some

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