Should I Chop Now?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LoudPackStacks, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Plants are about 5-6 weeks into flowering but arent the least bit mature. Although there's obviously bud, the problem is the weather. I'm in the DC, MD, VA region and weve been getting ALOT of rain and cold temps. Im too noobish to make the call, so what do you think? Should i just wait it out, even with the cold, wet weather?
  2. sup man i think u should probably try to wait another couple weeks if possible. u can try to wait an d just cover them during the really rainy days and let them get rain on the sprinkle days.we are supposed to have good warm days and less rain for about two weeks. after that I have no idea
  3. Try to keep it alive. But I dont think its going to grow too much. Im ont he east coast too and its freezing outside now, rainy. You should chop em before the bud gets mold.
  4. try to keep it alive but if you see mold go for the chop bro...
  5. Thanks for the input, i put them away during the night when it rains hard so they should be okay for these last weeks
  6. great! and also if you look and its supposed to be sunny its ok if they get a little rain. but if its rainy for a few days and cloudy and no sun then its mold time. goodluck bro only a little ways to go!

  7. Thanks! =]

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