Should I change spot, or fix the issue?

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  1. I found a great spot I planned on moving my plants to. Two of them are around 10 inches high, the other is about 9ish. The spot I found is pretty in terms of sunlight, as it should grt light from around 9-10am till 4-5 pm (I'm just assuming based on the angle how open it is, the treeline, other trees, bushes, etc. And the angle of the sun relevant to where I live).

    Now here's the issue -
    It had rained pretty good about 4 days ago. I checked the day after and the soil back there was soggy wet, like mud. And I checked today, the soil is still pretty wet, holding shape if I were to kick it like clay kind of. Now obviously I do not want clay anywhere near where I'm growing. There might be another spot, but none I have found yet looks good. Let me remind you guya that I'm doing this in the forrest, so the real pain in the ass is the trees oerhead, blocking that precious sunlight.

    I was thinking about thisnall, and ways I could prevent this from being an issue. All I can think of though would be just to dig out a couple decentlyrics size holes, and replace it with just regular dirt, and then when it's time for the plants, I dig smaller holes in the dirt for the potting soil. Would this work?

    I'm just worried that if I do go through with that, the dirt around will still retain a LOT of watter if it rains, killing the plants.
    So what do you all think?
    Would there be a better way to deal with this all?
  2. Fabric pots with some good soil and perlite for drainage. It would save you a lot of headaches.
  3. True, only issue is transportation as I currently don't have a car, and I live in a rural area too so nearest Walmart is about 20 miles away lol. But I was thinking of buying fabric pots online, and then with the soil I do have left, cutting it in half with ground dirt that's fairely loose, and then add more perlite to the mix too.
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  4. I agree with using fabric pots, I'm using 65 gallon smart pots this year and my guerilla spots happen to have very thick grey clay about 4 inches down. I have also cut those round garbage bins in half and used those with success.

    Screenshot_2017-07-22-22-01-34.jpg Screenshot_2017-07-22-22-01-30.jpg
  5. Clay isn't the end of the world. Dig large holes (3x3x3) at least and fill in with your own soil mix if you don't want to use smart pots.

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