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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by VaporHash, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. so ive had the light on 24/7 for like 3 days so the seeds would sprout i just seen the 2leaves emerging from the seed should i change to 18/6 now or leave them 24/7 for a bit longer
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  2. You can do 18/6 from the start, they don't need 24 hours of light ever.
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  3. Oh, i read something inaccurate then :O
  4. You can leave them on 24/0 all the way through veg. We've been doing it that way for years and we don't have to worry about dealing with timers during the veg cycle. They grow just fine under 24/0, 18/6, and other settings. Just don't get down to 12 light/12dark or you'll throw them into flower. But leaving them on 24/0 is just fine. TWW
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  5. Yeah not inaccurate just different folks doing things different ways and they pretty much all work, we all have our reasons for doin it our way so you'll usually get a bunch of opinions and have to dig through to find the one that works best for you. TWW always has solid info.
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  6. I grow in a gardening shed so I take advantage of 18/6 in the summer. 6 hours lights off during the heat of the day. Helps keep from running the AC as much. Then in the winter I run 24/0 to take advantage of the heat. I fo this threw all stages of veg except seedling or starting clones which I run 24/0. Both work just fine. In my small grow there's no noticeable difference to really be concerned with
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  7. I run 24/0 and my plants are boomin. That way you don't have to buy an outlet timer
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  8. They will grow 24/0 but I believe the plants need some type of sleep plants sleep just like us so just my opinion 18/6 is more healthy

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  9. Yep i think everyone's right. :love-m3j:
  10. It's preference really. I'm a 18/6 guy. I feel it makes my plants stronger. Plenty of 20/4 and 24/0 folks on here. More than many I try to simulate a natural environment where I can. I take 4 wks to go from 18/6 to 12/12. Few folks transition that slowly.

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  11. I read the dark period allows the plant to work on its root structure. If you watch time lapses of weed growing, the plant wiggles around a bunch in the dark period for some reason.

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