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Should I Change Dealers?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Blunts only420, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Recently I bought a .5 of green crack from my guy and he had like another .2 left he gave me, when I went to roll up I found a little bug in the .2 that he gave me so I threw it out, should I change dealers? I've never seen shit like that but the green crack was some strong!!
  2. ask your D about it
  3. I think you're being a little melodramatic.
  4. I would have picked the bug out and smoked the bud anyway. Did you pay over $10 for the .5?
  5. I payed 10 for the .5 and the point .2 was free
  6. Assuming the standard price in your area is $20/g, I wouldn't change dealers from that. I'd definitely ask him where he gets his shit and if bugs are a common problem, but if he has a legitimate answer for it, the fact that he gave you .2g speaks to his character, which can hold a lot more weight than a temporary bug problem.
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    Of course you should switch dealers. Find one who wont give you a free .2 thats what any smart person would do.
  8. .2 for free and complaining...???
    but I've never seen bugs in bud tbh so idk :p
  9. Bugs happen when you grow sometimes I've seen like 6 ounces with atleast 1 bug in each big ass nug but we harvested. Picked out the bugs we could and smoked the rest

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

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    So the bud you purchased was fine, and he gave you free shit to boot? Unless this has been a recurring problem I don't see why you'd want to stop doing buisness with the dude. Seems like a good guy.
  11. Bugs are actually probably more common in bud than you think. They just either get flushed out so you never see them, or they're so small that you don't see them, but bugs definitely find a way into a lot of grows. You just usually have to look pretty hard for them. I would bring it up to your dealer, but I don't see a reason to switch. Think if he never gave you the .2 for free, you would have gotten a .5 of some strong Green Crack for 10 bucks. That's not a bad deal at all. Definitely bring it up to him and tell him there was a little bug in the .2 he gave you. Chances are he doesn't even know his bud has bugs (or he does and that's why he gave you the .2... either way bring it up)
  12. Thanks guys, I think im gonna stay with him all he sells is medical too so it's always grade A, one time I bought a .5 of purp from him and he gave me a .8 and it was all purple no green
    This is probably your best choice.  I mean, you could have a far bigger problem than having a bug in your weed.  Just keep an eye out on what he's giving you - could have just been a bug that got into the bud from that grower.
    If you start finding more bugs in the weed, let your dealer know (because he shouldn't be happy about it either) and if it keeps happening, maybe it's time to find another connect.

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