Should I Call the Cops?

Discussion in 'General' started by purrplee, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. So a couple months ago i kept getting texts from this random number talking shit about me (i made a thread about it)

    now this person is sending letters to my family and the family of my ex girlfriend and her friends. WHAT THE FFFFFFFF

    i don't turn to the law when i have problems, i let them blow over or i handle them myself. but this person wont stop and they just keep talking shit about me.

    should i call the cops and get them to trace the phone? im thinkin about my family and the ppl getting shit.

    creepy stalker has stepped their game up and is now sending letters to the homes of those close to me. should i report this to the police? if you want more info about the situation, ill elaborate.
  2. Whoa sketch man. Is the stalker threatening to start violence or anything?
  3. Dude I'm like 90% sure that you know who is texting you and doing these things. Second of all there is a reason that they are texting you and doing these things. Finally, fuck it dude what they gonna do?

    Dude I know u stole from this nigguh, just give him his shit back.
  4. ^that's the guy...
  5. theyre not threatening violence, they say theyve hated me since 7th grade (im in college now....)

    they said theyre texting me becasue im arrogant, a narcissist, a bigot, a woman beater, a pothead, a drunk, and a fag. idk who this is, i never have problems with people because of my personality (won nicest guy in 7th grade, wtf?)

    and yeah idgaf what they say to ME, but when they involve other people its too much.

    the letters just say how big of an asshole i am pretty much. and no lol i didnt steal anyones shit
  6. No you should track them down yourself. Be ruthless in your pursuit.
  7. wow man.. Think I remember the thread too. If they have really stepped it up like that tell the police. If your seriously don't know who it is I don't know what else you can do...
  8. theyve been using more than 1 disposable phone to do this shit, and typed everything in the letter lol
  9. I'd try to trace the number myself first.. Try to find some things online to trace phone numbers, or call the phone company.

    If you cannot trace the number by yourself and you 100% honestly don't kno whose doing this - AFTER talking to your friends about it because they got your number and know all this information which means they know somebody you know. Shit like this usually gets around and ppl got info. Talk to ppl back in your home town and something will probably pop up.

    But after all this you still don't know then absolutely you should get the police involved. Family should be your number one priority here.
  10. That's weird shit bro.. Just sounds like a jealous kid from school who doesn't know how to let go of a grudge
  11. ya... like wtf, a six year grudge?? im probably gonna report this shit, i dont need my family worried about getting the mail
  12. I DO not RECOMMEND SMACKING him around a Lil bit.
  13. Time to get your yearbook out and put a red circle around the bastard. It's usually the kid with a lopsided head and a unibrow.
  14. If someone was just texting shit about u, i would advise to tell ur friend with his new phone number to fuck off. But if he's sending layers, that's either some serious shot, or ur friend is really devoted to creeping you out.

    But the cops in my experience are useless fuckwads in these situations, they are just gonna assume like the other guy on this thread did that u jacked some guy and now hes butthurt about it and sending u shit. They might trackthe number, but u can do that urself with online shit, and unless he actually assaults u or makes a death threat,'the Feds won't give a shit.

    This does sound like the kinda thing someone who knows u would send, go through if brain of people capable or willing to do this and u might be surprised.

    My advice, if he steps up his game even more alert ppl u know and tell him to fuck off or ur getting the law involved, that will scare most ppl, if he doesn't stop, follow through with ur threat. But for all u know, it could blow over. Just see how sit unfolds.
  15. im in Texas, i got plenty of firearms. hate to use it on a loser tho...

    i tried man but there was over 400 kids in my grade in middle school, over 1000 in hs

    this is what im debating. thanks man, ill see how this escalates
  16. No, you trace the phone and handle like a man
  17. I just don't understand why a person is writing threatening letters to your family, and you're still deciding whether to call the authorities.
  18. Save the letters and handle them as little as possible to preserve fingerprints.

    Phone the police. I believe that in the US, mailing threatening letters is a federal matter because they are using the postal system to delivery their illegal (threatening) messages. The FBI can get involved if the situation is warranted to be serious enough.

    I wish you and your family the best in dealing with this situation.
  19. I would call the cops this guy is harassing you and your family i would before it escalates and when you find out who it is get a restraining order

    Btw to the people saying buy a gun most people don't want to shoot someone even if they have no choice

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