Should I call the cops?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by gedge, Mar 22, 2010.

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    So since my car got egged+chocolate poured all over it should I call the cops? If it was my ex like I think it is she could tell the cops that I drive around with bud in my car sometimes.

    Can they use this against me?

    So basically is it worth calling the cops and telling them my car got egged?
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    But in response I wouldn't say shit to te police. Did she do real damage?
  3. First off you just admited online that you deal which is agaisnt GC's rules, and second the police are not going to do anything about your car getting pudding poured on it. Clean it up, find out who did it and get them back thats how high school works get used to it.
  4. No, let them catch real criminals, dont waste their time with petty shit, nothing a quick spray with a water hose cant fix, common sense people geez thats like calling the cops cuz its windy outside ...pointless
  5. Its a shame I'm going to be a junior in college next fall :( and the girls turning 22 in june.

  6. Yeah but the eggs did a pretty nice number on my paint, you don't "quick spray" egg shell off a car.
  7. fuck the popo, you need to call the "A-Team", they handle all kinds of shit like this, this has even happened to Face Man before and they fucked that bitch up...just don't let B.A. get a hold of your chic cause that dude has a fat ole cock and once he hits it well you know what they say, once you go black,,,,,well you don't go back!!! at least that is what I heard on the street, it has never happened to me before, well ok it happened once but it was not B.A. Barracus it was Sysquo, Cisco, Sisquo or how ever the hell you spell it, you know the "Thong Song" that dude....well make sure you call the "A-Team" and get this bitch taken care of, good luck!!!!
  8. Really? You got egged and you're gonna bitch to the cops? I'm guessing you're in some rich ass neighborhood where something like that never happens. Am I correct? You wanna call the cops about getting egged. rofl.
  9. If you say your ex did it than get revenge on her, as for the cops they cant do anything without evidence so unless you have a sercurity camrea with the egging on it they wont do anything.
  10. I'm not gona get revenge on her. What am I 14 years old?

    My girl on the other hand wants to go and get revenge for me...I think its pretty childish.
  11. Revenge isn't childish, it's karma. Do whats gotta be done, son. ;)
  12. Oh shit fellow connecticut.
  13. I suggest on a hot day, you add some bologna to the hood of her car. Instant win.
  14. haha you got owned by that bitch straight up
  15. Dont call the cops they wont do shit and you are just bringing unneeded heat onto yourself. Fill her car with packing peanuts through the sun roof if shes got one. it would b a bitch to clean out lol
  16. You must be if you actually thought about calling the police.

    See with cops if you say to a cop:

    A girl is getting raped
    then you say:
    Someone is smoking pot

    He's gonna go to the pothead. Same in this situation.

    "Hi my moms car got egged officer"

  17. Where abouts? I'm right outside New Haven.
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    if anyone here has had something egged or knew someone who got egged, than you would realize that, yes, if you catch someone egging your car than you can just wash it off. im sure you guys would all be happen to clean egg off your car for no reason.

    BUT, most of the time if someone gets egged (as far as i have experienced) they go in the middle of the night and make sure that the person doesnt find out about the egging until what can be HOURS later. when egg dries on something, it love you long time. i had a family friend's house get egged when i was real young. letting a little egg sit overnight on a stucco house was enough to have egg stained on the house for what would have been years, but they ended up having to spend a shitload of money to paint there entire house.

    so yes, we're talking serious property damage in the thousands of dollars. i dont know about anyone else here but i would NOT take that sitting down. i dont know if the high school method of beating the crap out of someone works AFTER high school. i had a good friend of mine beat to death outside a party for trying to "beat someone up" . if you have evidence than call the cops.

    p.s. to the people who think that the cops shouldnt be bothered because they need to focus there time on REAL crime. thats what i thought too, until my friend got beat down. you would think murder would be something the cops should get involved with. they let everyone go without one arrest and no one charged.

    in short, fuck the cops, but if they can help than use them. than they can fuck right off once again.

    edit: just so their is no misunderstanding, i dont really mean i hate EACH and EVERY individual cop personally, because my friend's dad WAS a cop, and i feel most sorry for him. i mean fuck the system as a whole. i say get used to the system now and how to get shit done, cuz when you WILL need them you will really not know what the fuck to do when they tell you they cant do anything about the guys that killed 1 friend and put another in the hospital, and you wont know what to do when they ask for information to arrest the third friend who was barely able to get away. god i will say it one more time . FUCK THE PO-LICE!
  19. "fuck the police"
    lol jk but don't get the cops involved unless there was damage done.

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