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Should I Call? Or Give Him Another Hour?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCoolest420, May 25, 2013.

  1. I asked my friend to go to the dispensary for me. He said yea. Went to the store came back with no bud. He was like "oh i forgot to go". So we smoked his weed and kept working on our project. He said he would just go later.

    He left two hours ago. He said he was just gonna go give his girlfriend the car. Get his other car. And go to the dispensary. He left his jacket and xbox controller here so im assuming hes planning to come back soon. But im getting a little impatient. Should i call him? Or give him some time?
  2. Yeah, dude prob got some pussy and is running late. If they leave their shit, their coming back.
  3. You think that's long? Man, drug dealers take longer, sometimes even days so calm down and atleast be happy that you'll get it in a few hours.
    And if he don't come back today call him tomorrow.
  4. I wish I had problems that were this simple lol
  5. Lol for real. 
    OP I guess shoot him a text and say whats up but dont be annoying and blow his phone up.
  6. I'm a fiend i would have called him every hour on the hour
  7. To be honest I wouldve called him but that's just me. It's probably because in Cali you get a reply within 10 minutes of hitting someone up aha
  8. If it was me and you kept calling then you would be making your own trip to the dispensary. There is no need to act like a crackhead over a little bud.
  9. LoL Why is this even a thread?  Have people completely stopped thinking for themselves?
  10. of course. that's what social media is about. have other people make choices for you, so you don't have to be held accountable.
  11. lol I could see this kid doing that. "Sorry I called you bro, the people on grasscity said it would be ok."
  12. I have been known to be that guy that calls alot but that was when I started didnt really understand dealers have lifes too. Just wait 3 - 4 hrs text him if no reply wait till tomorrow ive wait 3days for bud before.
  13. i'm guessing OP called and got his weed, or is dead cause buddy killed him from relentlessly hounding the guy.
  14. #14 rastaballer209, May 26, 2013
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    Here let me take your money and leave. That sounds right to you? Go with him to the clinic, wait in the car..
  15. I know people who wait 4 days for a bag
  16. just be patient he was probably with his girl
  17. I asked my friend to go to the dispensary for me. He said yea. [​IMG]
  18. cool?

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