should I call her or wait for her?

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  1. Quick story short I been dating this girl for about a month and a half and it seems like verything was fine. Last text I got from her was regular convo talk and then nothing. I havent heard from her in the last week and a half and I dont know if I should call or not. See we dont really talk on the phone like ever she prefers to text I guess and ive texted her like 3 times this week just saying shit like "hey havent heard from you in a while is everything ok?" but no response. She went to Coloroado for I dont know how many days so im thinking shes been busy but fuck to ignore me like that is pretty damn fucked up. We went on a date and I didnt see her for 2 days and then I text her that I missed her and shes like "really could have fooled me I havent heard from you in 2 days" yet shes been ignoring me for almost 2 fucking weeks and im sitting here like wtf are we still good or what? I dont wanna come off as desperate I know the dating stage is a bunch of mind games maybe shes trying to see if I give in or something.:confused_2:
  2. Call her now.
  3. She wants you to call her... and by the sounds of it I take it you guys are in high school?

    To me personally, her behavior is a bit immature since nothing is stopping her from hitting you up too. Be wary of a relationship where you are always/mainly the one initiating conversation by texting/calling. That stuff gets old fast.
  4. Chick sounds like she's not interested, sorry. Idk how she can ignore you for two weeks, and yet you say you guys are dating. Unless she has no service at all or some shit, but even then, I'm sure shed make an effort.
  5. There has to be a reasonable explanation. She could be grounded or in jail or behind on a phone bill, who knows?
    Have you seen her at school or Facebook update?

    Just call her and keep your cool.

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