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should I call dealer on 3.0 8th

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soserious, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. He sold it for 25. Its legit blue dream. But we both just happened to be at the mall so he did tell me he eyeballed it.

    Im happy with the purchase. But should I ask for an extra,.5 on,my next buy?
  2. Sounds like you still got a great deal, but just hit him up, say "yo I know that was a quick eyeball, but it came up half a g short. Think you can hook it up next pickup? I'll smoke you up after.
  3. I don't know what the prices by you are, but if I got that deal I wouldn't say shit... an eighth goes for 60 around here...

    I guess your next move depends on the prices of nug in your area and how well you know the guy. If he's a friend be like "hey man the bag was .5 short when we met in the mall, mind if you hook it up?" or something like that. if he's a sketchy fuck I wouldn't bother.
  4. Damn 3.0 of loud for 25. That would be 60 dollars over here
  5. ^^(2 ups now his post got there before mine) this. 3 grams of blue dream for 25? that is a better deal than a whole hell of a lot of people get including me. grams go $20. Hell i'd be talking to him right now seeing how much an O is.
  6. In all reality i could have just said his name and be done with the confusion. Damn you Durban Poison.
  7. if it was over 2.5 for sure. i'd say fuck yeah.
    pay $25, get 2.5
    a dollar a point always makes me happy.
  8. don't even say anything. 25 for 3gs of any kind of dank is a spectacular deal. and he admitted he eyeballed it. let it goooooo
  9. Spent $60 on a dank ass eighth, but it came out to be 3.4 but I saw my dealer's titties and got to do some not so clean things to her in high school so I let it slide.
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  11. personally if i got that i wouldnt complain. If he usually gives you 3.5 eighths that cheap, tell him it was under, and if he could hook u up next time that would be sweet. If he doesnt, and your happy, who cares?
  12. 3g of blue dream would be like $55 around here
  13. That would be way more than $25 here...unless you were ripped off based on your local prices, I wouldn't.

    BUT, I do mention if my bags are short and I'm paying a fair price (here that's $55 an eighth for dank).

    A lot depends on your dealer and your relationship, though
  14. Should have got a lap dace for that price
  15. Buy a small scale to carry with you, .5 is small time, let it ride homie

  16. This Homie. Half a g from an eyeballed eighth of legit blue dream is acceptable in my book.

  17. That's normal prices around here. Plus now she lost like 20 pounds (not that she needed to) and now her boobs are small.
  18. no, if your east coast you still got hooked the fuck up
  19. Call him out on it? Nah... I think u should be suckin him off for those prices
  20. I pay 30 bucks an eighth so paying 25 and coming up half a g short actually pretty much adds up

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