Should I call back?

Discussion in 'General' started by gnomeherbs, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I just called one of the Starbucks stores I applied to online a few days ago to confirm that they recieved my application. I asked to speak to the person in charge of hiring and the girl said "Yeah.. it'll be... ooone moment. Can you wait?" I said "sure"

    She set the phone down, I could hear people talking and this guy asking if someone was going to hand him a box. I could hear her and she never said anything about anyone being on the phone.

    I probably waited for three minutes and the line got disconnected.
    Should I even call back? Do I really want to work with this girl? haha
  2. Dress up and go into the store and ask to arrange an interview. Thats how you get shit done.
  3. True that. I have no way of getting there right now though. I could walk but it's hot and I don't want to be sweaty and gross when I go in there. I'll need to arrange a ride and stop by. But in the meantime should I call them back?
  4. Yeah I'd just go in there and ask. It'll make you look determined to get a job too so that's a perk.
  5. For sure. I need to apply other places as well.

  6. Good luck:wave:
  7. Thanks :)
    I'll need it. This is a small town with too many people and they're all fighting for jobs.

  8. Yeah I've been in the same position. CA is a rough place to try and find a job right now period, mix in a small town and high unemployment and it's just a mess. Keep lookin though.
  9. Call back or yeah go in. Please be the first person to walk at starbucks that's not a complete tool that doesn't know shit about coffee.
  10. Seriously. It sucks.
    If I had a stable place to live in Portland I'd move back there. I can get a job anywhere in Portland and easily commute without a car. I feel pressure to stay here in California though. I miss Portland so much, weather and all :/
  11. I don't know much about the different types of coffee, but I can make a damn good coffee drink!

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