should i call a doc?

Discussion in 'General' started by O/-/-ni, May 8, 2006.

  1. it is currently 1 in the morning im having trouble sleeping i can not urinate my body is telling me i need to go but i cant for the life of me i have a discomfort in upper pelivs now and a bloody nose anyone know whats going on with me? today i have taken 5 morphine smoked acouple bowls one that we toped with oxy and did some heavy lifting please help if you can im some what worried :(

    edit: i also took 4 niaicins and 4 sleeping pills (melatonin sp?)
  2. yea dude, opiate sickness to the max. how can you not piss? like how is it not working?

    heavy lifting? you did heavy lifting after hardcore opiates? tsk tsk man. thats your body being pissed at you.

    id say give it a couple hours, then you got no choice but the hospital man. kidneys that cant be purged are a horrible thing.

    if you do go, you might as well tell them what you took, no use paying for tests for cancer and the such.
  3. like i feel the urge to piss and go to the toliet but simply cannot go
  4. id say drink beers or take diuretics, but it might be way complicated.

    idk man, if it starts feeling like a pain in your side (from overfull kidneys) hop in the car and get to the hospital.
  5. if i were to go to the hospital what would i say without giving away the use of drugs?
  6. nothing man, just tell the truth. otherwise theyre gonna take a whole lot longer to figure out whats going on. a ton of tests that just cost you more.

    if they end up running blood tests theyll wonder why there's increase opiate amounts in your blood anyway, so theyll probably end up asking you.

    its your deal man, i dont know what possessed you to do heavy lifting or even do that much opiate. you gotta deal with the choice you made now.

    i guess you could say that a friend tricked you and put crushed up morphine in your drink/food. idk.
  7. it was only 5 30mg pills so not that much the heavy lifting was moving some furnitare for a friend. so does this illness sound opiate realated to you?
  8. fuck my pupils are pin points this is looking like i oded on opiates can i try just sleeping it off or what. yes this is definatly an opiate overdose my blood pressure is 14-20 under where it should be but there is no way i can go to the hospital with out my mother knowing and in turn me getting kicked the fuck outa the house
  9. so how u feeling?
  10. I once took some suboxone and im very light weight to opiates and it totally fucked with me and i couldnt pee it was the wierdest experience not being able to go pee i felt like there was a line of people behind me waiting to use the toilet.
  11. so what ended up happening man?

    5 30mg pills is a shitload btw.
  12. yea dude, i wouldnt be able to flick a lighter over a bowl, much less move furniture.
  13. im alive and well thank you guys for your concerns and help :D
  14. What ended up happening? Nothing?
  15. well still sick somewhat horrible hangover from it but im alive and feeling better by each passing hour i just ended drinking alot of diartics so i could piss and then i just couldnt stay awake so i went to sleep and woke up feeling better
  16. See, if our govt was smart, there would be more information about opiates and stuff so that this shit could be avoided.
  17. Glad your not dead.
  18. My appologies if this has already been mentioned, but I've noticed a lot of people seem to panic about not being able to be able to piss on opiates, and I'd just like to make it clear that this is normal. Some people say opiates come with constipation, but for me I just can't piss no matter how hard I try. When I ate fentanyl daily I always made sure I'd have a good piss right before I did it, just because that whole unable to piss thing kills the high a little bit...but not much:rolleyes:

    Edit - Oh my I didn't even read the part about taking the sleeping pills, I guess panic was a bit neccesary after all. I mixed temazepam with fentanyl once and ouch...when I realized what I had done (took 90 mg's of temaz and forgot somehow) I fought with everything in me not to fall asleep, it was intense shit.
  19. Dude you'll be straight in like twelve hours. I took a 100mg morphine the other day and was feeling real nice for a while but then started to get sick, throw up, couldn't piss but i had to, etc. Even the next morning i could barely piss. It will pass
  20. yall need to chill with mixing mad different pills and shit thats sum of the stupidest shit u can do and its not worth it, just smoke sum bud drink a lil henny or cognac and chill, if u need anything after that sniff a line but dont get silly

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