should i buy weed star elevator 1 or 2?

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  1. dont get that shit man. you could do so much better for that money.
  2. I wouldnt get a WS perc. If you really want to get one and its all thats in your price range get one, but just get a straight tube or beaker. theyre percs arent the best and are likely to break or have poor airflow. its kind of hit or miss with the ws perc and even when its a hit its still not great. but a straight tube shouldnt let you down functionally.
  3. /sigh. 2 comments disregarded so far
  4. No one is gonna recommend Weed Star to you man. Weed Star has very poor quality glass, and those perc's shatter so easily. For that price, get an EHLE:

    $103, an EHLE is a good company that makes solid glass.
  5. don;t disreguard our comments. weed star is the epitome of shit. they use thin, destructable glass. the joint will snap off from the weight of an ashcatcher. the trees will break if you rip the bong hard enough. and you will need to rip it hard as fuck with all the goddamn drag from those 2 shitty trees. it'll take at least 3 breaths to clear that shit and by the end of the first all the smoke is stale and shitty. for the same money you could get a 500ml ehle or wicked sands tiny that will clear in an instant, along with using durable glass and solid joints.
  6. ... you people do understand most people KNOW what they're getting with weed star. You can't just tell people to buy better brands, THEY CAN'T AFFORD THEM!

    This place is FILLED with people shit talking Weed star... this topic!!! He asked, 1 o2, and what the difference was. It wasn't "Should I buy a weed star?". Maybe for $100 people WANT 2 shitty percs, instead of just another straight tube.

    FFS, answer his question and don't be such arrogant dicks. Would you tell someone to buy a fucking porsche when they settled on some $20k car? It's just so fucking redundent!

    Oh, as to answer your 1 or 2 question: Get a Roor, dickhead. (right?.....)
  7. i'm not going to start a flame war, just simply disprove your point.

    a wicked sands tiny tube, a 500ml EHLE, and a weedstar elevator are all the same price.

    the first two will be smooth, dragless hits.

    the weedstar will be a stale, draggy hit.


  8. Why did you have to bring something up that was done and over. You never did answer his question so what was the point. Your just trying to be a dick. I would recommend that he does not buy a Weed Star as well. He might want a 2 perc bong for $100 but when he breaks the joint in 4 days and he has nothing to smoke he would have wished he would have listened.
  9. Or he'll enjoy his draggy, 2 perc hits, and hug his massive baby. Some people like lots of bits for money.

    I didn't answer because I pose the exact same question. I actually like the elevator 1 shape better.
  10. go w/ ehle... then get a diffy stem, ws inline, and nasty lookin worked bowl... you'll be much MUCH happier with that setup then one of WS perc'd tubes.
  11. well obviously people on here arent fans of weed star. Well I have the Messiah Illusion 7mm w/ 1 tree perc and 1 dome perc. It hits just as well as any bong that has a dome and a tree perc. It doesn't have high drag, and the glass is very thick. No bubbles or anything in the glass, great artwork on the dome perc, and the bubbles are cool. with a diffuser, tree perc, dome perc, and ice, you really don't feel the smoke very much. After shipping, it was $292. Idk how it compares to the rest of weed stars stuff, but this one is solid. I kicked it over during a salvia trip, and it didn't break, but i did lose a bowl of salvia :( And to whoever said the percs break easy, wtf are you doing that breaks a perc?
  12. interesting.
  13. alot of their tree perc's are extremely thin, and if you pull on it too hard you shatter the perc. ive personally seen it happen. its crazy.. but as far as owning a WS piece im getting one of their inline a/c's and worked slides just to have.
  14. I was looking at they're A/c it's pretty cheap.
    you think it'll be any good?
  15. I have one of their inline a/c's and it works really well. I actually have a few WS pieces and have very few complaints. I kicked over my first weed star bong and it broke. Wanna know why? Not cuz its made bad or anything, its because i fucking kicked it!

    And to the OP i say go w/ #1 just so you can use the money you saved on some more herb :)
  16. my friend has owned 2 weed stars and are both beautiful pieces of glass and durable for the price. and id say i have to go with 2.
    you wont be let down.
  17. the MAIN reason i dont like WS tubes is because of the fact that 90% of them are CARBED!!!! thats a big big turn off to a gONg lover... and for the price you could get several different brands, and different accessories... or find a local headshop and buy your piece locally.... gotta remember help your Local economy first... then another countries!
  18. get an EHLE. im getting one soon
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