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Should i buy this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Some one called me and said 150 for a ounce of "purple" by the way 150 is kinda avrege around here for an ounce (we got good prices) but i didnt know of weed called purple? does this sound like scam?
  2. No its not a fucking scam dude, just go to the dudes house and check the weed out before you buy it. I have heard of purple before but people call it purps or purple kush or something to that effect.
  3. My dealer contacted me the other day sayin 130 for an O of "pretty bud", i thought about it but didn't have the dough, if you get to take a look at it first and it looks good, go for it
  4. well the thing is im not sure if i can see it first (fuckin middle men >.<)
  5. unless you have reason to think they might rip u off, it sounds fine to me. and what kind of middle man? like a friend to pick it up for you or someone you can tell to make sure its enough or whatever?
  6. sample bowl dude.
    tell him you gatta see the herbals first.
    if not fuck it.
  7. Well the guy is a good friend. but i dont know who hes geting it from. and i would be giving him the money, he would pick it up and bring it back.

    Also can someone possible post a pic of purple?
  8. This could possibly be what he is talking about...


  9. the situation sounds sketchy dude. whenever i have to give someone the money to get me the shit i kno somethin is gonna go wrong, either overprice or hes gnna skip the bud or he's gnna get u shittier bud cuz theres really nothin you can do about it once you give him the money. I say that you ask to see some of it 1st and then dicide.

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