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  1. Hey, so I'm kinda into fashion and was wondering if I should buy this backpack? I really like it , it's $400 though. I have the money and can make it back. Should I buy what I like or am I just being completely fucking ridiculous. Let me know :) No ignorant and rude replies please.


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  2. I'm not being rude, but to me, $400 is a lot and can go a long way.
    A bag is a bag, in my eyes. It should be functional. If you need it to carry certain items, then that's the issue you should be concerned with. Personally, I don't ever notice if people notice what I do or what I wear. 
  3. Good way to put it. Thanks for your input :) & what if my method of earning revenue isn't necessarily hard and requires very little work? (yes it is legal)
  4. If you don't mind spending the money and like it then go for it.  I personally wouldn't buy it since its not my style and I would never spend that much on a backpack.
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    Still not worthwhile.
    It's just a bag. Fashion only matters in the eyes of strangers. 
    This can help you out. Try these hypotheticals. 
    When you're casually walking down the street, do you ever stop and say "wow, look, it's a Mercedes Benz."
    When it is 6:30 am in the morning, and you have to get up for work, is one of your thoughts in such an early time of the day "oh, what if Karen wears this too. Oh, what will Bob think of me wearing these pants with this shirt."
    Do you ever see a homeless person on the street, and judge him/her based on his/her appearance and believe, without knowing that person's entire life "he probably deserved where he/she is by making the choices he/she made."
    I would say no to all.
    Basically, the question is...are you self-conscious?
    Otherwise, put the money somewhere else. A spa day for all I care, but a bag?
    Let me put it through my perspective.
    I have no idea what logos are. I don't know what is classy or not. I pretty much don't know any popular store names.
    If I saw you walking down the street, I could very well think that bag was bought at Marshall's. I've seen stylized bags like that from there. Would you be mad if I didn't care, and automatically presumed it's not worth much? If you didn't mind, go for it gurl! 
  6. Well it's subjective of course, if it will make you happy I don't see why not, as long as $400 is not a lot of money to you, in my personal opinion, spending that much money on a backpack would never cross my mind unless $400 was pocket change for me.
  7. $400 isnt a lot for a nice bag like yours. And its a bag, its supposed to be long lasting. Actually thinking about it now, $400 is pretty cheap for a bag. Might be cheaper quality?
    Then again, im a guy and have no clue about shit like that besides what I learned from the females in my life.
  8. Damn....eliminated from the thread. :cry:
  9. i like how it has gold
  10. Or... I could buy a Pax... but I think weed would take over my life if I bought one
  11. Keeping it old school for sure. Lol
  12. Just buy an excessively nice bong.
    Or a QP.
    Or a nice bike, instrument, board, etc.
    Or just send some of it to me. I could certainly use it.

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
  13. Cool rhinestones definitely worth a whopping $400, and looks mighty durable.
    I bet you stuff will fit all snug and shit in there, and Wow!
    Just look how zippy those zippers are!
    It's a good deal, it probably cost them like $30 bucks to make, but I mean you will look so cool!

    Just fantastic
  14. Do what you like :)

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  15. if you have the money and definitely want it i don't see why not
  16. Been smokin the reefers haven't you?  Nice Chinese bag. LUUUURV the rhinestones.....
  17. Looks cool and all, but damn $400 would be too steep for me just for a bag. 
    Better weed than bags.  :confused_2:
    But really, if you like the bag and can afford it, why not? What you do with your spending money is up to you. Might not be how I'd like to spend $400, but I'm not into the same things you are. So, my personal opinion is mostly irrelevant. 
  19. That backpack looks ugly. Totally not worth $400

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