Should I buy this vaporizer ?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ericstoner, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Is this your first vap? I would buy that for 50$. Ive never purchased a vap myself, but I would go for it.
  2. lol for $35 bucks hell yeah i would buy that shit it works good from what i've researched
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  4. Better, don't get anything listed on this page. None of these vapes will get you anywhere near the quality of experience that a Da Buddah or Silver Surfer will. Those are in the 180 - 200 range. If you are looking for a good budget vape, the Vapolution 2.0 is your best option. It's under a hundred but still great.
  5. Yea don't get that just save your money and actually get a high quality vape because that piece of shit will not satisfy you and most likely turn you away from vaping completely
  6. [quote name='"ericstoner"']I have a $50 budget and this looks pretty good Easy Use Premium Herbal Vaporizer with Digital display (Black): Home & Kitchen

    what do you think ?

    you could give me links of other vapes too ;)[/quote]

    Unfortunately, you will NOT get a good vaporizing experience unless you're willing to invest a bit more into it. That's a very shitty vape, and will not do the job well whatsoever. The difference between a bad and good vape is night and day.

    I know these may seem expensive, but they will last you FOREVER and there's a good chance you will begin to use them exclusively, like I and many other vapists have. The vapes I'm talking about are the MFLB and Da Buddha.

    The MFLB is a great portable vape. If stealth is a priority - this is a good option. It will produce decent vapor (still not as good as a nice desktop vape like Da Buddha) and conserve very well.

    The Da Buddha is an incredible whip vaporizer that will last you ages. It's quite a bit more money than what you're looking at, but it would be MORE than worth it. They're absolutely incredible, and get you far higher than smoking ever could.
  7. I bought that one and its not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Although its not really to be compared to some of the others mentioned.

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