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Should I buy this shake?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by gq2021, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. A dispensary near me is having a special on weedmaps for shake. The shake is $29 per ounce of top shelf shake. Should I buy some today before the sale end? Should I expect similar effects using shake?

  2. I would do it! That's sweet but it will probably just have a lot more leaves and stems

  3. #3 240sxLover, Feb 13, 2014
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    Dude, that sounds sweet. But I live no where near any dispensaries.
    You could make edibles or something with it.
  4. HELL YEAHS....Qwiso...edibles.. all kinds of shit. QWISO>..
  5. Go in and tell them you want all of it.
  6. I am going to do just that. How do I keep it from drying out?
  7. #8 BigNugDoug, Feb 13, 2014
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    Fo sho I'd buy a QP or HP at that price.  Could make yourself some nice concentrates or edibles.
    *edit* also they are likely to have these sales regularly if they are producing their own cannabis.
  8. totally do it dude
  9. Buy more than 1 ounce that will last you forever man damn it I hate living in a non-medical state!
  10. put it in a jar with either an orange peel, piece of lettuce, or a damp paper towel. But don't let it touch the bud. I use a mason jar, and the lid is 2 different parts, a flat round lid and the part that screws it on. I tie the shit to the flat round part, put it on the jar, and screw the other piece on. It works well for me
  11. I would be buying that if I were you.
    Just imagine all the possibilities.

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  12. Definitely grab that, you can do so much like everyone else said. Id probably make some qwiso
  13. I would buy as much as I cold to make oil with.

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  14. this x 10. ur buying $29 of thc even if leaves...... cook it vape it shove it u cnt go wrong for $29 n ounce
  15. I'd be all over it for $29 an oz if it looks legit in person. So many possibilities with 4 oz of shake for a little over a bill.
  16. you could make qwiso with 2 ounces and make weed brownies with the other 2 ounces. Smoke the qwiso and eat the brownies when you get the munchies hehe.
  17. I see alot of snobs on here hate on shake and I'm not sure why.
    id pay 150 an O for shake. Weed here in northeast tn is 60/120 for dank, those prices fucking suck.
  18. They are snobs because you have bad connections? No way i would pay $150 an oz for shake. Even in East Tn I wouldnt pay more than about $50/oz for pure shake.

    As long as it was decent shake $29/oz is pretty good. If you dont have access to a cheap source for trim i would pick it up for edibles or concentrates.
  19. No. They are snobs for laughing at people who buy shake vs buds. What's wrong with shake? More trichomes, already broken up, a mixture of assorted flavors and smells. Why would someone not buy shake if priced significantly cheaper than buds?

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