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should i buy this pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BobbyBlaze, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    $10 on craigslist,
    if i do buy it itt'l be my first piece
  2. personally I don't smoke out of pipes but for 10 that looks like a good first piece but is that bowl dirty?
  3. for $10 hell ya
  4. looks thick...yeah
    just clean that shit when you get it.
  5. I wouldn't buy any pipe used simply due to the possibility of getting herpes... if its new or you know for sure you won't get the herps, do it.
  6. IMO...No. I mean it's a tight piece but it's kinda sketchy.
    1. Craigslist rules permit drug paraphenelia. not like that matters really but still. haha.
    2. If for some reason it gets checked and it's caked with res, it won't get to you. And it might put your address on some watch list. (I have no idea if it will but I'm just guessing)
    3. Diseases. Boil it, peroxide it, clean it, idk how to be sure there's nothing on there. That guy could have t-bagged the mouth piece! I doubt it but still. haha.
    4. Go to the headshop on this site. BETTER PIECES, SAME OR LOWER PRICE, and they're NEW!
  7. i dont know anyone who ships over craigslist...
  8. There are lots of people who ship over CL
  9. oh shit, your right. Hahaha
    My bad.
  10. those are 5 $ at the corner liqour store
  11. yeah dude wtf just wtf

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