Should I buy this bong?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at buying my first bong ever, not trying to spend a whole lot. This Roor (probably fake) is only 60 dollars. The picture is attached. Do you think this will be worth it and will it break superbly fast?

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  2. Yea it's fake but I would still buy it.

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  3. Yeah, it's definitely got a fake name on it, but tit is a real glass bong. When it will break is 100% up to you. Don't do things with it that cause it to break, it likely never will. Bongs break because users aren't careful with them, not because they are bootlegs. For $60 it's probably worth it. If you don't need it today, you could probably track it down on a chinese site like dhgate or aliexpress for $30 or so.
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  4. do it dawg!
  5. Its worth it for 60$, it is a Chinese knock off but that dont really mean shit. Some bongs are thicker than others but it doesnt really matter all that much, if you drop it then its going to smash if its 5mm or 3mm. It might be slightly less resistant to drops but im telling you from experience, if its a good sized drop its breaking regardless if its 100 or 999. I personally would pick up some clean glass rather then a Chinese knock off but theres nothing wrong with it, might notice some imperfections that's all. At the end of the day is it worth it to you?

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  6. That doesn't look too bad, especially being $60. Bongs don't just break out of nowhere, as long as you take somewhat decent care of it, I'm sure it'll last a long time.
    I had this great bong my bro bought me when I was 16, but it fell out of my bag and shattered on the floor about 2 years later (I miss that thing :( ).I bought this footer bong for $50 when I turned 18 just so I could do it, and it ended up being the biggest POS I've ever used. The bowl was shit, the bong was shit, the little glass area where the bowl slides into got all chipped and jagged and shit. After cutting myself twice, I said screw cheap bongs. Spent $110 on a pretty nice one (very thick, and has been through some rough handling) and been using it ever since. I can usually get 2, maybe 3 sessions off of one .3g bowl. Only thing that sucks is that you have to get the water to perfect levels in all 3 percs otherwise you'll be sucking in water with your smoke lmfao.

    OP make sure you feel how thick it is. Check out the stem, bowl, percs, etc. My headshop lets us hold and feel all the pieces we want (as long as we don't put our mouths on them or explicitly call them bongs, we're fine!). This bong might be one of the best investments you've made ;)
  7. That's not worth 60$, try going for different bong, and it does not really matter if its fake or not, all that matters is that it gets u really baked :)

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