Should I buy this bong?

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  1. I normally smoke blunts but I've decided I want a decent bong.

    I've been looking at a few different websites and I'm thinking of buying a RooR icemaster 5.0 desert dream for £175 ($293).

    Is it a good buy?

    Any other suggestions?
  2. that is the perfect bong.

    i think percs are stupid. they create so much drag... for how little they do to the smoke, it doesnt really balance out to be worth it.

    good choice

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  3. Thanks mate.

    I decided to avoid percs as they look like they would break easily and be a bitch to clean.

    I think I'll go for this as it's on sale.
  4. the one thing i would suggest for straight tubes is grab diffused downstem, will help a loooot and wont chug as much.
  5. How do you know its legit?
  6. It's from the official uk distributor.
  7. Thanks. I'll take a look at them.
  8. What are Ehle like in comparison to RooR?

    I like this and it's a fair bit cheaper.

  9. Same design just less quality. When you buy a RooR you know it's going to be perfect w/o any problems, gamble with ehle. My friend has one and has had a bunch of problems with it

    Who Dat!
  10. the Roor is nice and if your willing to pay the pricetag then go ahead you won't be disappointed. EHLE is a real good bang for your buck, not as nice as Roor but for the price you can't go wrong, it just depends on how much you want to spend but definitely get a diffused downstem.
  11. Thanks.

    I'll definitely go with the RooR.

    Might get a fairmaster instead of a ice master though.
    Some percs create drag. Dome percs and shitty tree percs for instance. There are many perc types that don't add drag at all though and can actually allow for a much smoother smoke. 
  13. Anybody know the set up for lsv bubbler attached to lsv making it one piece one hand . Portable cause it sticks to lsv. Best way to describe. Can't find picture anymore.

    Integrity is something we cannot compromise on ....
  14. .@[member="janedough"]
    another unknown quality......bong-master... :laughing:
  15. Badly designed percs create a lot of drag.  Well designed percs function.
    I don't bad mouth roor cause I like them and I keep mine cause of sentimentality but I can't go back to using a downstem with a simple hand poked diffuser downstem.  
    If you're in the UK and have to pay a premium for american glass and don't have as many choices I would lean towards roor.
    Just wondering, what is the glass scene in the UK like?  or just Europe in general, is anyone churning out scientific tubes other than the major brands...roor, ehle.
  16. I'm not sure in all honesty.

    Head shops are few and far between and most are way over priced.

    I visited San Diego a couple of years back and was shocked by the amount of head shops.
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    If you visited now, there's probably a ton more.  US glass scene has exploded.  It's funny, I used to be so jealous of Canada and Europe because of the cannabis scene, now....I just need to find a better fucking state to live in lol.
    I know the site you're using, I've used them before.  From that place, I'd take a look at the hops water pipes.  They are inline, stemless design.  Actually a good price for them, they just don't know the guy.  He's a philly artist. check american online sites to see what his stuff goes for.
    I keep telling the owner of one of the shops I go to that they need to setup a store in Europe.  Do you think there's a market for high end US glass or heady glass overseas or is the legality of it a major hurdle?
  18. Took the advice on board and ordered a RooR.

    I decided to go for a 7mm fairmaster (55cm)


    Found a local shop after I ordered that stocked RooR and Sheldon Black.

    Still happy with my purchase though.
  19. make sure you get a diffy downstem.  I have a german roor lil sis, the normal downstem has been used once, even though my tube is nearly 14 years old.  The normal downstem sucks, diffused is much better, though I would actually try to find a sov gridded downstem or alex k showerhead.
  20. The local shop I stumbled across had a good range of US brands.

    Are the Alex k shower heads better than roor diffused downstems?

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