Should I buy my seeds now or later?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StickyMicky, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Okay so I been buying and burning for over 3 years, Well while i was surfing around it came to me " Hey, Mike you live on a farm with a shit load of land you take care of and almost own, why not just grow your own?":smoke:

    Okay so, I'm going to start growing probably next year because I be-leave its pass the season cause right about now is when the bud prices start going up, gets cold in a few months as well... Now heres the real question, should I buy my seeds and store them or will they go "bad"....

    (if ya'll could post helpful links to post about growing outdoor that be good too) thanks a lot - StickyMicky:D
  2. They won't go bad as long as you can keep them dry and in a dark and cool place. I would advise you to buy the seeds in Janurary, plant them in Feb/March and by end of summer you'll have a pretty DANG good harvest. Of course, assuming you don't mess up nutrients or potbounding, etc.
  3. I see, what would you recommend as a "hardy strain"...? I was thinking some skunk haze from attitude (I lived in the North East region of Arkanasa) real good soil, been planting herb (none of this sort tho) since i was a kid
  4. I don't know too much about certain individual strains...but try to find "outdoor strains" on seedbanks. I heard Super Lemon Haze does great outdoors. (average outdoor yield is 1,000g per m2. )
  5. m growing outdoors this season.
    and my journal explains what i do to my plants.
    give it a peep and maybe some questions will get answered :)
  6. I would just collect bag seed until the last frost and start then. I am gonna order some good seeds, but want at least one grow under my belt so I am not fucking up $100 worth of seeds.
  7. True, Well thanks alot omddog :D , and ill totally look at it jay thanks both of ya'll and i agree i'm take it step by step not just wang it and wonder why it didnt go well (x

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