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  1. My friend has a 3.5 oz bottle of syrup containg codeine and one other thing(cant remember will figure out though). He is asking $40 for the whole bottle. Do you think its worth it?
  2. That price isn't that good. But if you have a low opiate tolerance, I'm sure you'll like it.
    I'll bet it's codeine/promethazine.
  3. Don't buy it, syrup is overrated. IMO, the best use for it is to bring to a party when you want to get fucked up on opiates but you want everyone to think you're drinking alcohol too...
  4. Personally, I'd scoop that up quick, as long as it was codeine with promethazine.
    An oz is $30-40 here.

  5. that's ridiculous. I drank an entire 4oz bottle yesterday and got MAYBE as fucked up as I would off one 30.

    waste of money if you ask me.
  6. ^this. Its most likely codeine and promethazine.
    Do have a tolerance to opiates? Im sure it would have a lot of value to someone who dont have any kind tolerance like the OP or myself.
  7. Well it is promethazine i might be able to get it for $20
    I have never taken any opaites in my life.
  8. For only $20 and with no tolerance to opiates, I'd definitely buy it.
  9. meh, it depends how common and cheap opiates are in your area. if you have no tolerance you'll most likely enjoy.

    try for 15 bucks :devious:
  10. Well he is a actaul friend not just a dealer friend so $20-25 is as low as ill ask because he hooks me up when im dry and when money is short. Well we had one big surge of syrup but thats it for the past 5 years.
    Since ive neer tken opaites would i have a tolorence at all?maybe a natural tolorence?
  11. fuck i wouldn't even drink that shit for free, let alone spend $40 to drink it
  12. Why? please explain. If its taste this is different then hat your thinking. this has a really sweet taste to it
  13. it does have a pretty sweet taste, but i think the hydrocodone syrup (Hydromet?) is reeeeal tasty.

  14. Why? Even though I think the street value is too high (see above), I do enjoy the taste of some lean, to me it tastes like the Berry Sprite they introduced a while back.

    @Cmystic: No, I don't really have an opiate tolerance right now but I've gone all the way and I just think in a cost::intoxication ratio syrup is outranked by pretty much every other recreational opiate.
  15. What i believe is that if its an enjoyable experience, he pays 5 bucks more than most people (but helping out a friend in this shitty economy and think about it, he isn't a frequent user so he wont get a really cheap price), and is just looking to try opiates for the first time, i say go for it. I paid 20 bucks for the same thing. That stuff is so fun. Throw it in a glass with sprite.
  16. yeah for 20-25 go for it man. im sure ull have a good time with it
  17. to me, i weigh every drug purchase against how many bars i could get for that amount lol.

    would i rather have 15 bars or 3.5oz of syrup? :rolleyes:
  18. 15 bars for sure.
  19. Get the syrup, make sizzurp, win!
  20. yee :smoke: (just imagine the face is hugging a xanax)

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