Should I buy from the grasscity shop?

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  1. I saw a blackleaf oil adapter with a nice nail and dome that I really like for $35. It's about $53 with shipping. It's almost too good to be true. I've attached a photo of the piece I'm looking to invest in. I live in the US and I'd like to hear people's experiences with this companies service. I'm not concerned with how long it takes to get here as long as it surely will arrive and as long as it doesn't take longer than a month.
    I am aware they are shipping from outside my country so I give it a month tops before it reaches its destination.
    What I want to know is; is this company reliable? Will I regret my investment to grasscity's shop? Because I am stoked for this piece. I plan on putting $60 onto a visa gift card, as that's easiest for me. I think grasscity accepts those, correct? I believe I saw a section where you could enter visa gift cards.

    If I get plenty of good response I intend on making this purchase tomorrow evening.

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  2. ive personally never orderd. black leaf is a shit company but thats a small peice sdo i wudnt trip as long as the glass is thick. and i would use the nail and dome as a backup. ive herd of even more thn 2 months to take cuz of customs but they are reliable it will come eventually. blackleaf is chinese tho. i would personally just go find the claim catcher without a brand on it from the US for cheaper even if its also chinese. i wudnt want blackleaf on my rig
  3. This

    What's good CK? Never see ya around anymore.  -_-
    Too busy with my girl  ^_^
    Hope things are going well for you!
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    i wud go with this instead.
    or this
    there prolly all about the same shit quality. 
  6. Thanks man, same to you!  :wave:
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    there shipping is a bit steep but yes! TOTALY worth it everything i have ever ordered from here came speedy AND well packed (20 minutes just to get the wrapping off) customer service is amazing
    cant say enough good things about grasscity's headshop only downside is the shipping cost
  8. So im getting mixed reviews here. Should I just buy this shit locally? What would it be called? Cause I dont know if my headshop would Carry these. I dont want to buy a whole rig.

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  9. always support local first
  10. its called a nail and dome.... google it and go to your local shop man! cheaper, quicker and it supports local industry.  :metal:
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  11. Buying from a local shop does not guarantee you're buying US made products. All it means is you supported a local business who most likely is selling at least some Chinese made products. So if I have a choice between dealing with some local guy who sells Spice and bath salts and  fake RooRs to kids I'll go with Grass City. I'm not saying all local shops carry that synthetic shit, but a lot of them do and if I find out they do sell it I will not do business with them. 
  12. I live in the states. North east. I buy everything through Grasscity. All the glass I have bought has been top quality. Never a problem with shipping.don't know if this matters I'm a fifty yr old male.started smoking again four years ago after a 20 year hiatus. Not recreational anymore just medicinal.

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  13. I haven't seen any of that synthetic crap in my local heddies in over a year, and if your buying from a reputable shot there should be no worries. Along with the fact that you can specifically buy pieces blown by local shops. Im not saying grass city is bad by any means, I've bought a few pieces of gc. All  I am saying is that I love going to my local shop and purchasing a locally blown piece and knowing I supported something being made in the area I am from. Best of luck with whatever you choose!
  14. If u can't go to your local shop, then definitely buy from GC. I have ordered multiple things from GC, and everything has arrived in perfect shape. 

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