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Should I buy another Oz?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RC Flyer, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. A local shop has OG Kush for their $150 Friday special again this week. I have barely touched (two elbows) the Oz from last week, but it's sooo good.
    Decisions decisions....

  2. Well.... Do u want another oz??
  3. I would stock up, what if the world goes through a crisis tommorow and for some reason you get cut off from society, your gunna be happy you bought that extra oz :)

    Also Great deal with some great weed, Why not?
  4. Get it if you can . Why wait till nexT friday , that's too long
  5. Do it!

    That's one hell of a deal to me!

    I would shit my pants for a price like that around here.
  6. Are you stoned? Haha what kind of question is that? If you have the money to spare, if you want another ounce, then go for it. If not, then don't... Sorry but, why would you ask us haha?
  7. if u can afford it.. is this a rare deal for that shop?
  8. Shit i didnt even notice the deal lol, Hell yea, id buy that shit... Its dank, and only 150 an oz??

    Half the fucking price i pay lol, I always thought i got pretty decent deals.
  9. id buy like 2 pounds lolol

    but for real go buy that ounce, 150 is retarded cheap to my area. id literally be crying tears of happiness.
  10. I was leaning that way, just needed a nudge to do it. Money is not a issue. I am on my first grow (2nd week flowering) so this might just be the last I purchase for awhile. :D
  11. and this is why I'm never moving away from Colorado.
  12. [quote name='"TheCrunge"']and this is why I'm never moving away from Colorado.[/quote]

    True that.

  13. :smoke: States that start with "C". :smoke:

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